The interior design trends proving most popular in 2022

July 20, 2022

At the start of every year, Good Homes examines interior trends forecasts. But as we hit the halfway point of 2022, how are those predictions holding up? Social media and search engine data are a great indication of how things are playing out in real homes, so Homebase has analysed the TikTok interior trends, Instagram hashtags and search trends to see which decor schemes are making an impact in 2022…

Homebase collated the Google searches, Instagram hashtags and TikTok views for each interior design trend and ranked each list in ascending order – the higher the number of searches, hashtags and views, the higher the rank.

With over 302,000 monthly searches on Google and 368 million views on TikTok, minimalism is still the hottest trend in 2022. This clean and clutter-free aesthetic is all about simplicity and functionality.

2022 interiors trends: Dark Japandi in a living roomTikTok interior trends: maximalist bedroom with deep teal bed frame, burgundy bedsheets, scatter cushions and gold furnishings

In second place, and in stark contrast, it’s cottagecore. This trend has had more than 10 billion TikTok views – by far the largest of any interior trend analysed by Homebase. Cottagecore is all about creating a warm and inviting space, with plenty of nature-inspired elements like dried flowers and wooden beams. Mid-century modern, an iconic style characterised by clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, ranks third in the decor trends list.

‘The chaos of 2020 saw a definitive shift in interior design trends, with an emphasis on natural elements and neutrals colour palettes emerging,’ said an interiors spokesperson at Homebase. ‘Being forced to unwind and spend considerably more time at home, encouraged people to rethink their interior designs to reflect positivity and comfort.’

‘As supported by the data collated by Homebase, 2022 will see the continuation of simplistic designs infused with traditional elements, with minimalism, cottagecore and Mid-century modern aesthetics dominating the styling scene. Minimalism falls hand in hand with runner-up cottagecore, which is essentially a traditional twist on simplistic designs, while Mid-century modern has its roots in authentic vintage styling, with an undeniably timeless appeal.’

The top 10 interior trends of 2022

1. Minimalism

Google: 302,100 monthly searches
Instagram: 25,905,185 tagged posts
TikTok: 368,800,000 views

Minimalism has been around for an age yet extreme minimalism is one of the biggest TikTok interior trends of 2022. It comes out top across all three inspiration sources of Google, Instagram and TikTok. Many people don’t want their house to feel cluttered, preferring an open and airy feel. Minimalism captures the art of living with the minimal amount necessary. In addition to creating space, decluttering is known to help reduce stress. Mix up minimalism with some of 2022’s hottest colour trends such as shades of brown, cranberry or taupe.

2022 interiors trends: Dark Japandi in a living room

Photo: Bobbi Beck

2. Cottagecore

Google: 360900 monthly searches
Instagram: 3,503,277 tagged posts
TikTok: 10 billion views

Cottagecore offers a cosy, comfortable and charming aesthetic. One of the major TikTok interior trends from the last few years – along with spinoffs like cluttercore and cabincore – cottagecore is all about taking inspiration from nature and rural living and infusing it into your home décor. Think floral prints, earthy tones, rustic furniture and big, squishy cushions – in fact anything that makes you want to curl up with a good book.

cottagecore: pink squashy chesterton sofa with chunky knit throw, cushions and rug

Photo: Loaf

3. Mid-century modern

Google: 124,900 monthly searches
Instagram: 5,803,998 tagged posts
TikTok: 316,500,000 views

Mid-century modern is one of the hottest trends in home design right now. This retro style from the middle of the 20th century is characterised by clean lines, organic shapes, and a focus on simplicity. If you’re considering giving your home a Mid-century modern makeover, think about investing in some vintage pieces, or reproductions that capture the Mid-century aesthetic. Make it on-trend for 2022 by adding in some warm sunset tones.

Mid-century modern, Homebase

Photo: Homebase

4. Bauhaus

Google: 5,600,000 monthly searches
Instagram: 1,240,825 tagged posts
TikTok: 69,800,000 views

Bauhaus style, often associated with minimalism, celebrates function over form. Architecturally it translates into clean lines and blocky buildings. In terms of interiors you’ll see a lot of abstract forms, geometric shapes and black and white mixed with primary colours. To get a modern Bauhaus look in your home, work with a colour palette of warm greens and chocolates, which are very much in vogue for 2022. Add some geometric shapes and patterns, plus a mix of natural materials, metal and glass. Throw in a design classic like an Eames chair and you’ve nailed it.

Bauhaus interior design: modern bauhuas decor in pale greens and browns

Photo: Bobbi Beck

5. Dried flowers

Google: 118,200 monthly searches
Instagram: 2,836,107 tagged posts
TikTok: 160,600,000 views

Dried flowers are still a popular trend in 2022. Not only do they last longer than fresh blooms, they are easy to coordinate with the seasons. If you’re looking to add a bit of dried floral charm to your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the colour palette of your space and choose a shade that complements your existing décor. Second, think about the shape and size of the arrangement. A large, sprawling dried flower arrangement can make a bold statement, while a small, delicate one adds a subtle touch.

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Dried flowers arranged in neutral vases on a side table

Photo: Heavenly Homes and Gardens

6. Arches

Google: 217,900 monthly searches
Instagram: 1,731,746 tagged posts
TikTok: 42,400,000 views

Arches and curves are one of the hottest TikTok interior trends right now. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, while also providing a warm and inviting feeling. To incorporate the curves trend into your home decor, add arches to doorways or windows. This is a great way to add a bit of architectural interest to a room. Another option is to seek out curved accessories, from pendant lights to wall art and curvier sofas, bookcases with an arch and curvy vases.

curve appeal with pastel painted arches in dining room with bar-height table and stools

Photo: Homebase

7. Boho decor

Google: 40,300 monthly searches
Instagram: 3,702,432 tagged posts
TikTok: 322,400,000 views

There’s no doubt about it, the 70s are back, and it has moved beyond bold fashion prints into home decor, becoming one of the biggest TikTok interiors trend of 2022. Think organic, free-flowing shapes and earthy, natural colours like browns, oranges and greens (use them sparingly for a scheme that endures). If you’re looking to add a bit of 70s boho chic to your home, start with a neutral base of cream with pale browns and greens. Add in some Moroccan-inspired patterns and textures with colourful rugs, pillows and throws. And last but not least, add in plenty of plants – greenery is a must in any bohemian space.

tiktok interior trends: Arlo & Jacob's 70s inspired sofa design in living room decorated in green, orange and brown

Photo: Arlo & Jacob

8. Taupe

Google: 265,800 monthly searches
Instagram: 327,327 tagged posts
TikTok: 27,600,000 views

Taupe – the signature colour of interior designer Kelly Hoppen – can be warm or cool, light or dark, depending on how it’s used. And it mixes wonderfully with beiges and whites, so it’s perfect for creating a calm, relaxing space. It’s also great for adding a bit of warmth to a minimalist scheme that might feel a too cold. Taupe is the perfect compromise between black and white, and it can be used in so many different ways. Pair it with white for a classic look, or use it with other bold colours to create a unique and stylish space.

tiktok interior trends: wall art gallery in taupe and beige

Photo: Desenio

9. Sunset lamp

Google: 162,700 monthly searches
Instagram: 35,780 tagged posts
TikTok: 225,300,000 views

Warm sunset shades are both calming and inspirational. A sunset lamp, which you can pick up from Amazon for around £15, is a lamp that has been designed to mimic the glowing amber shades of a sunset. Achieve a similar effect by switching from bright white to warm white bulbs in parts of the home that don’t require task lighting, giving your space a warmer, more inviting feeling.

10. Maximalism

Google: 32,600 monthly searches
Instagram: 326,463 tagged posts
TikTok: 289,100,000 views

Maximalism is all about going big and bold with your design choices. It’s about making a statement and filling your space with things that inspire you. Maximalists tend to have a lot of different colours and patterns at play. You might have a gallery wall full of art, a vibrant colour scheme, opulent accessories, bold feature walls, or all of the above – more is more. To give maximalism a go, start with a few statement pieces, like a bold piece of art or colourful rug, then pile on the pillows, hang up family photos, group together lots of houseplants and keep adding in smaller items that bring you joy. Edit continuously to stay on the right side of cluttered.

TikTok interior trends: maximalist bedroom with deep teal bed frame, burgundy bedsheets, scatter cushions and gold furnishings

Photo: Homebase


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