Geometric print yellow kitchen backsplash - Mid-century modern -

Mid-Century Modern: How to embrace this timeless trend

July 2, 2021

Known for its streamlined silhouettes, and mixing of different textures and fabrics, mid-century modern design made functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture accessible to the masses. A primarily post-war movement, it gave ordinary American people the opportunity to optimistically express themselves, after a difficult period in history.

With its simple curves and subtle pops of colour, it’s no surprise that this timeless style is still a firm favourite in the present day. And, best of all, unlike other interior design trends, you don’t need to rework the whole room in order to embrace the mid-century renaissance.

Here’s five simple swaps and additions you could make, to give your living room and kitchen a mid-century modern makeover.

Vintage wooden furniture

Natural timbers are very prevalent in a mid-century modern home, so a wooden sideboard or coffee table is very on-theme. Embrace a mix of different woods for a mismatched style, and any other vintage detailing like brass accents. Plus, if real wood isn’t in your budget, then there’s also an abundance of modern replicas that still truly look the part.

Vintage style dark wood console with different tones - mid-century modern -

Image: VonHaus

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Patterns and Geometrics

Pairing wooden furniture with geometric patterns is a key mid-century trope, and really evokes that 1950s essence. If you’ve got wooden worktops in your kitchen, then rather than redoing your walls, applying a geometric print laminate to the backsplash is an affordable but aesthetic option.

Geometric print yellow backsplash with wooden countertops - Mid-century modern -

Image: Bushboard

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Creative lighting

Mid-century style is clutter-free, so clear away the knick knacks and trinkets, and instead put your energy into statement lighting. In order to achieve this bold look, be sure to opt for unique hanging pendants and chandeliers that also double as artistic features, rather than purely functional contemporary wall-mounted options. And if you need extra lighting, go for something impactful – like a sculptured tripod floor lamp.

Five light brass and opal pendant - Mid-century modern -

Image: Bombazine

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Bold colours and silhouettes

Choosing a sleek and sophisticated sofa in a bold mustard yellow, tangerine orange, or moss green tone is a well-known way to bring a bold mid-century modern element to your living room. But if you’re not keen to swap out the sofa you’ve already got, then how about making an accent chair addition? A vibrantly coloured and curvaceous armchair with juxtaposing skinny legs is a classic and comfortable choice.

Yellow accent armchair with wooden pin legs and a matching footstool - Mid-century modern -

Image: DFS

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Abstract art

When it comes to art, gallery walls are not what we’re after in a mid-century modern living room. Promoting a ‘less is more’ aesthetic, this style embraces the idea of having an individual, impactful and imposing statement canvas in each room – rather than lots of smaller pieces. Pick a large, abstract print that ties in with your colour scheme, and let it take centre stage.

Abstract mid-century style print in a white frame on a wall - Mid-century modern -

Image: Abstract House

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