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Top 10 interior design trends of 2022

February 1, 2022

Planning a little decor refresh this year? Good Homes magazine takes a look at the key interior design trends for 2022 to provide you with all the home inspiration you need. From 70s Boho to biophilic and Chinoiserie to Cluttercore, here are the trends that are set to make their mark this year…

1. Dark Japandi

Japandi is a trend with real staying power. A little bit of minimalism, a lot of natural materials and a hint of Scandi-chic, it’s a trend that works in a multitude of settings (even a festive bedroom decor scheme). Since 2019, Google searches for Japandi have risen 1,600%, but design studio Bobbi Beck, which specialises in sustainably-made luxury wallpaper, predicts that it will take a step in a darker direction for 2022.

‘While Japandi is a comforting aesthetic, it’s already feeling a little oversaturated with more-of-the-same. It’s dominated by neutral palettes and has been for the past 18 months,’ said James Mellan-Matulewicz, CEO & Creative Director at Bobbi Beck. ‘All trends develop and we’re predicting that Japandi’s natural next step is to head over to the dark side.’ The prediction correlates with forecasts from both Pinterest and Instagram, which tipped the Gothic and Goblincore aesthetics to enter the mainstream in 2022.

2022 interiors trends: Dark Japandi in a living room

Photo: Bobbi Beck

2. Roaring 20s

A return to the roaring 20s has been promised since the first Covid-19 lockdown sucked the fun out of life. It failed to manifest in 2021, but it’s one of the key interior design trends for 2022.

Bed and sofa specialist Furniture Bunny analysed over 120 million Instagram posts, TikTok hashtags & Pinterest boards to find which popular 1920’s interior trend is on the up, and it turns out it’s Wainscoting, with over 31 million results. Not sure what that is? Think panelling, but it only goes half way up the wall. Chandeliers and mirrored furniture were also trending, with 13,286,853 posts and 2,900,236 posts, respectively.

B&Q’s Director of Interiors and trends expert, Susie Spence, has also identified 1920’s Art Deco style as a hot trend. Work Gatsby-esque geometric designs, dark colours and faux plants into your bathroom for Art Deco version 2022.

Art Deco bathroom tiles B7Q

Contour Tegula Teal Geometric Copper effect wallpaper from B&Q

3. Curve appeal

Curves add a soft and gentle feel to any room, in stark contrast to sharp, minimalist lines. It’s another trend that borrows from the Art Deco movement, which features curved design features from mirrors to sofas. After a tough couple of years, 2022 is all about comfort, cosiness and cocooning, with enveloping sofas, soft-edged furnishings and curvy kitchen islands.

The Pinterest Predicts report on 2022 interior trends notes that searches for curved couches have increased threefold, curved interior walls are up 400%, and there’s been a 140% hike in people seeking curved bar designs. Boomers, Gen X and Millennials are all driving searches behind this well-rounded home trend.

curved sofa in pale grey/cream by Sofology

Sofology Palm four-seater sofa in Lucerne Ivory Mix with Nest chairs in Malham Ivory

4. 70s Boho

The yearning for cosiness and comfort also goes some way to explaining the revival of all things 70s. Rich velvet upholstery, soft fringing and opulent tones of deep green, orange and brown come together for this nostalgic interiors trend.

‘The 70s often get bad press as being the decade that taste forgot,’ says Chelsea Appleford, buying manager at Arlo & Jacob, ‘but with furniture and interior design classics that we still draw on today, and a sophisticated use of textures and colour, we’d strongly disagree.’ The period has been a major influence on the Arlo & Jacob Ferdinand sofa – a modern take on a design synonymous with the era.

interior design trends 2022: get the 70's boho look with Arlo & Jacob's 70s inspired sofa design

Arlo & Jacob’s Ferdinand sofa in Olive and Clara armchair in Henna

5. Cabincore

What’s a new year without some kind of ‘core’ trending on Instagram? The latest is Cabincore, hot off the back of 2021’s Cottagecore obsession. The micro-trend, which has amassed more than 32.5 million views on TikTok, romanticises weekend lodges and the wintery woodland aesthetic.

It’s a continuation of the dash out of cities and desire for space and tranquility following the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, swapping smartphones for books and buses for woodland walks. Think vintage furniture, cast-iron log burners, handmade soft furnishings, heavy, rustic woods and stone, animal print and all things outdoors, with just a hint of boho chic.

interior design trends 2022: Cabincore bed styled by IKEA

Sagstua bed frame, Smalfräken duvet set, Misterhult pendant lamp and Kornsjö storage bench, all from Ikea

6. Cluttercore

From one ‘core’ to another, we can’t resist the lure of Cluttercore. Having given up on the new-year-new-you decluttering mission already, maybe it’s just time to embrace all our excess baggage? Google searches blew up from zero between October 2019-2020, to 46,200 between October 2020-2021, according to research undertaken by Living Cozy, which surfaces the best modern home brands.

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Sure, it’s enough to give Marie Kondo nightmares, but some of people just like to have lots of stuff. But it isn’t about being messy, it’s all about making a home feel lived in, and the more skilled interior designers among us are giving the appearance of organised chaos by mixing modern and old aesthetics, repurposing and upcycling vintage furniture.

7. Pretty vintage

Vintage interior design style is open to numerous interpretations, from Victorian elegance, featuring wooden furniture, botanical wallpapers and antiques, to the more modern take on vintage, with the same elegance and charm but a more pared-back palette.

An easy, relaxed interior design trend for 2022, ‘pretty vintage’ sees curvy, wooden furniture meet pastel shades for a more feminine take on a classic interior design style. The look features ‘new-entry lilac and grape colours, blended with heritage and feminine florals,’ according to the Next Design Team, as well as ‘deco and modern styling, matt textures and mirrored furniture’, which add a sprinkle of glamour.

pretty vintage interior design trend, from Next

Rosie accent chair and gold and marble side table from Next

8. Chinoiserie

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, which makes it the perfect time to rediscover the concept of Chinoiserie. The style (named from ‘chinois’ the French for Chinese) was inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries in the 18th century. The fanciful look relied on expert craftsmen to accurately portray oriental motifs and ornaments.

Things are a little easier these days, especially in the Year of the Tiger, with plenty of big cat-inspired interior decor popping up on the high street. Between January 2021 to January 2022, there were some 4,400 searches a month for ‘Chinoiserie wallpaper’. Of all the interior design trends for 2022, this one lends itself best to creating a feature wall with impact.

interior design trends 2022: Chinoiserie-style wallpaper mural

Tropical Tiger Wallpaper Mural from

9. Modern country

Think of modern country as a softer version of Scandi-chic. Craftsmanship and natural materials are still very much appreciated in timeless furniture staples, but the shapes are a little more modern and the colour palette features a lot of the new neutrals – pale pinks, sage greens, light greys and creams. Contemporary versions of checks and floral patterns also feature.

The Next Design Team describes it as ‘a curated country home delivering the perfect blend of tradition and modern, where materials are natural and honest.’

modern country interior design trend, from Next

Mabel sofa in Ochre from Next

10. Biophilic design

Plant walls are a great way to bring a touch of serenity to your home decor, and for 2022 this look if going to be big in bathrooms. If you have plenty of natural light, plants should thrive in this humid environment (click here for guidance on the best bathroom plants), but if your space is windowless, artificial plants will go a long way to creating the same look.

Pinterest searches for this trend have increased by 20% as more look to create a kind of wellness retreat at home. ‘Include cascading greenery, bamboo accessories and stone-effect tiling to complete the tropical bathroom look,’ said B&Q’s Director of Interiors and trends expert, Susie Spence.

interior design trends for 2022: biophilic bathroom design with plants from dobbies

Selection of plants and bathroom accessories from Dobbies Garden Centre

Looking for more 2022 interior design trends?

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