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Best house plants for the bathroom

November 15, 2019

If you want to turn your bathroom into a tranquil, inspiring space, it’s as easy as filling it with plants. Try these species that thrive best in damp, humid environments. 

dobbies botanical houseplant bathroom -

Image: Dobbies 

As part of Crown Paints colour trends for 2020, we’ve been introduced to the concept of Shinrin-yoku – a Japanese philosophy that’s centred around the idea of ‘forest bathing’.

While the translation isn’t meant to be taken quite so literally (‘forest bathing’ actually refers to the idea of immersing yourself and meditating in a natural space), we can’t help but notice a growing trend in interiors towards filling bathrooms with plants to create a restful and restorative space.

However, the bathroom isn’t always the kindest environment for some plants, as it can have extreme ranges of moisture and humidity when in use. So, we asked to enlighten us on the best species for thriving in the bathroom and creating our own tropical bathing paradise.

Peace lilies and anthurium peace lilies and anthurium - bathroom -


Anthurium and peace lilies like humid conditions. If you’re forgetful when it comes to watering your house plants, these species also store water in their thick, waxy leaves, meaning it can go without a drink for longer.

Ferns ferns in a bathroom -


Frequent bursts of heat and moisture from showering will give ferns the rainforest-like conditions that they thrive in. A bathroom isn’t always the lightest, brightest room in the home, but ferns will do well here in spite of low light levels.

Monstera monstera leaf -


Another rainforest-loving plant, Monstera (otherwise known as the cheeseplant) is a popular plant trend right now. They enjoy humid conditions, and should only be watered when the soil is bone dry. Monstera do enjoy a brighter spot in the bathroom though to ensure their leaves form best.

Air plants air plants in bathroom - inspiration -


Air plants don’t need manual watering – they secretly drink water from the air. Placing them in the bathroom means they can get a steady supply from the steam and spray from showers and baths.

Spider plants spider plant for bathroom -


The spider plant is a popular choice for our homes, as it’s a pretty easy-going plant, It doesn’t need much light and enjoys moisture in the air. Plus it’s great for improving the air quality in your room.

Aloe aloe plant for bathroom -


Aloe plants are a key ingredient in many of your favourite bathroom products, but they’ll also love living in the bathroom. They do well in low light levels and are good at absorbing moisture from the air.


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