Goblincore: The trend you need to know

September 30, 2021

Obviously, Good Homes has had cottagecore on the radar for a while, and just as the Bridgerton inspired Regency-core style earlier this year, other concepts such as cluttercore have popped up.

Goblincore is an entirely new idea, however, and has hit the interiors scene with a mix of confusion and warmth. Halloween is approaching, but is it fitting with the holiday? Let’s get some advice from the interior design experts…

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So, what is Goblincore?

Katie Thomas, founder of interior design company KTM Design gives us the lowdown. ‘Goblincore is basically the dark version of cottagecore. It centres around finding the beauty in the ugly, and is inspired by woods, flora and fauna.

‘The trend is about embracing the unpredictable imperfections found in nature, and has associations with foraging or gathering small objects like pebbles, mushrooms, feathers and horns. The colour palette is dark and moody with browns, greens, reds, earth tones and neutrals. There’s a specific emphasis on tactile textures showing wear and tear, like crackle-glazed terracotta, wood and leather, with metallic accents and creative retro inspiration.’

Planters on white fireplace on white panelled wall with frame

Photo: Sass & Belle

How can I style it in my home?

Katie recommends investment pieces for this trend. ‘Combine timeless furniture with trendy accessories that can be easily updated, this way you aren’t risking outdating your interiors for the future. Add accents that compliment your existing decor to avoid it looking out of place. Think of open shelves and bookcases as a cabinet of curiosities, and arrange jewellery in textured bowls and trays to add interest.

‘You could also create a Goblincore vignette in your hallway, and reclaim an ornate serving tray as a letter tray. Opt for a traditional table lamp with a brushed metal base to add texture, and framed moss wall decorations or recycled vases with birch. To bring it intoo your living room or bedroom, you could add earthy toned cushions and throws.’

What are the some Goblincore interior buys on the market now?

Let’s start doing some goblincore-inspired shopping! We’ve picked out some of our favourite items embracing the trend on the market, so you can update your interiors for this autumn-inspired look.

Start shopping below…

Green velvet chair with red wall with shelves and plants

Occasion chair, £89, Homebase

These three gorgeous accessories are perfect for adding touches of Goblincore to existing decor. Give your drawers an easy upcycle by updating them with the floral bee knobs. Or, treat your indoor plants to a new home with the quirky planters, and add character to shelves with the green patterned frame.

Goblincore inspired wallpaper with botanical vibes in living room with houseplants

Holden Ateles monkey jungle palms botanical wallpaper, from £30.99, Mano Mano

These home accessories will add a touch of goblincore to your home. The natural/rattan trend is on display here too, just like in the new Oliver Bonas AW21 range. The dark wood and olive table lamp is perfect for hall tables and living room spaces, while the natural magazine rack is ideal for holding your latest print editions of Good Homes. Additionally, the boho terracotta cushion can add a scatter of the trend to your living room and will fit into any scheme.


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