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Interior colour trend predictions for 2022

2022 is fast approaching, and as we all get excited for the potential of what the New Year will bring, it’s only natural to start making plans for DIY and renovation projects. Whether its a new bathroom you’ve set your sights on or simply a master bedroom refresh, it’s great to make plans for a project.

James Waylett, from Jacobs and Dalton, has shared the brand’s interior colour trend predictions for the upcoming year, as well as ways these shades can be incorporated into your home. It’s no surprise that, as we take another step further away from the pandemic, the colour predictions are more optimistic for next year. James explains: “These colours may look bold and daring at first glance. Especially after the soft and muted shades we were drawn to in 2021, but actually, they all carry gorgeous natural undertones throughout, so they will be very easy to incorporate into your home”.

Read on for their 2022 colour trend predictions in full…

Moroccan Sunset

Bring joy into your living space with this warm and cheerful sunshine yellow. James says: “It’s been a while since any shade of yellow has been considered a colour trend, so we love how fresh and vibrant this feels without being too brazen or rambunctious. This shade will immediately transport you to summer evenings and we think it’s perfect for a garden room or to brighten up a child’s bedroom. Pair it with a natural sheepskin cushion or mustard sofa or chair as an easy way to incorporate this shade into your living space.”

2022 colour trend predictions yellow in busy children's playroom

Photo: Habitat


While this shade isn’t anything new, it will be widely popular and well-known with interior experts. As a classic neutral shade, it works perfectly with the other colours mentioned, bringing feelings of calm and serenity into your home. Don’t be afraid to use this grey-toned colour on walls you would normally leave bare. Also, remember accessories in this shade are great for using on brighter pieces of furniture of offsetting a feature wall.

2022 colour trend predictions chalk in minimalist living room

Photo: Abstract House

Enchanted forest green

Beautiful, fresh and ever so slightly muted, this green shade will leave your living space fresh and bright as well as cosy. “We love this colour for living rooms, hallways and kitchens. It’s very similar to the 2021 trend of sage green, and brings the beauty of nature directly into our homes. The only difference in this shade is that it is much more vibrant and deep. Go one step further and utilise this shade in garden sheds, on fences and on decking areas.”

2022 colour trend predictions forest green with plants on mantle

Photo: John Lewis

Sky Blue

Not only is this a trend prediction from Jacobs and Dalton but its also similar to this year’s Dulux Colour of the Year. “It has warm undertones to create a relaxing environment and instantly invokes warm summer skies that feel like they’re giving you a hug. It will uplift your home and we think it would work brilliantly  in offices, bathrooms or as a kitchen feature wall.

2022 colour trend predictions light blue kitchen greenhouse

Photo: Dulux

Rich Crimson

Absolutely gorgeous and bound to bring glamour to any room, this ties in with the whole palette and is a staple for the autumn months. James tells us “The indulgent shade is perfect for a master bedroom, or to create an accent wall in a home study or living space. We think this space is going to be a massive hit in the coming year and getting serious hygge vibes.”

Crimson bedding

Photo: Very

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