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Dulux reveals the top 10 feature walls on Instagram

When it comes to unique design ideas for your home, Instagram has become the go-to source for inspiration. Feature walls are proving more popular than ever as a chance to get creative with pattern, colour and texture in your interiors.

Dulux has looked through the most-used feature wall hashtags, including #GalleryWall, #FeatureWall and #AccentWall, to find out the most-liked images and work out the recurring trends of this year.

Read on for the results…

1. Panelled walls

Panelling has seen a real resurgence in recent years, so it’s hardly a surprise they have topped the list. The panelling effect is available in a range of styles and mouldings to suit your space and taste, from subtle tongue and groove to elegant geometric designs.

Panelling provides sophistication in a decor scheme, and also helps to cover up any uneven walls and protects them from wear and tear. If you’re not confident enough in DIY to tackle it directly onto your walls, you can create the same effect with two similar shades of paint, using primed MDF boards or even using wallpaper!

Pink panelled walls in bedroom with vibrant accessories

Photo: Dulux

2. Geometric paint patterns

An easy way to create something truly unique in your scheme, geometric paint patterns are low cost and look really impressive. You can choose from a simpler, more minimalist look or opt for bold, beautiful shapes which fill entire walls. All you need is some masking tape or homemade stencils and your choice of paint colours to put a personal stamp on your home.

Geometric instagram feature wall in home office

Photo: Dulux

3. Coordinating a feature wall with a classic white wall

A splash of colour will always add character to a dull room, but when done intentionally in decorating, it’s the contrast that is key. 47% of the top posts show a boldly coloured accent wall can be a great contrast to plain white walls to create a real statement. In this sense, the colour can be whatever you like best, but deep teals, blues and reds will really command attention and create a modern look.

White and colour combo instagram feature wall

Photo: Dulux

4. Plain walls with no accessories

When it comes to creating a feature wall, it can be tempting to make a statement with shelfies or wall art to bring your personality into the room, but according to 41% of the top post, less is more. Just as silence is impactful in films, a plain coloured feature wall can can be just as much of a statement as one loaded with things to look at.

5. Plain grey walls

Grey has been having a real moment for a while now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast. Its popularity is largely due to its versatility, as grey can be both warm and cold, modern and traditional, and both calming and energetic. It’s also a great contrasting colour for other colours, so you can pair lighter greys with darker blue colours for a polished and sophisticated look, or bright yellows to add a spark of sunlight into your space.

Kitchen space with grey instagram feature wall

Photo: Dulux

6. Bedroom feature walls

While feature walls can look great in any room, bedrooms prove to be the most popular location. This is due to the fact that they can create a focal point, and make the perfect backdrop to a bed. However, there are other ways to make a feature wall work in your bedroom. A fireplace, entrance to an en-suite or walk-in wardrobe can all lend themselves to becoming an accent wall. A feature wall will also add depth and illusion of space to a smaller bedroom, so you can experiment in order to maximise your room’s potential.

One colour instagram feature wall in bedroom with wooden floor

Photo: Dulux

7. Grey wood panelling

As already mentioned, panelling and painting in grey will instantly bring elegant style to a room, but combing the two is the real winning formula. Grey will make the features of your panelled walls pop because of how it interacts with light and shadow to create a striking focal point in any room.

8. Neutral walls

While typically feature walls are thought to be vibrant or patterned; neutral, calming colours also work to create warmth in a space. Neutral walls bring a sense of depth and texture to a room and will complement a range of accessories and furnishings from wood, suedes and furs to chrome and glass.

Neutral colour instagram feature wall in bedroom

Photo: Dulux

9. A plain white wall

When we think of a feature or accent wall we tend to think in terms of a darker or bold contrast to the other lighter walls in your room, but 21% of top posts show that striking look can work just as well the other way around. Plain white walls will really stand out against differing colours or shades and create a clean aesthetic that can attract attention. Another benefit of this is that white paints go with anything, so whether you have pastels, deep colours or something else, a plain white feature wall will make a statement.

White instagram feature wall in kitchen space

Photo: Dulux

10. A white fireplace

Before we all angled our furniture to face the TV, the fireplace was the focal point of a living room. White fireplaces have become more popular recently, as they offer a contrast from other colours used in the room. A well-placed fireplace alone can make that wall a feature wall and, when paired with bold, bright colours and patterns you can be sure this will bring that focal point to its former glory.

White fireplace in navy living room with wooden floor

Photo: Dulux


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