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4 wallpapered bathroom looks we love

If plain and neutral bathrooms aren’t your thing, opt for a patterned wallpaper design to transform your space.

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Image: Mindthegap

There’s no reason why you can’t inject as much personality into your bathroom as you can in the rest of your home. Wallpaper has made a massive comeback and it has made its way into the bathroom too.

Because bathrooms are often small spaces, it’s a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and go wild with colour or pattern without it overwhelming entirely.

Here are a few of our favourite looks, plus some top tips for using wallpaper in your bathroom…

Leopard loving


Melissa from Oho House used leopard print wallpaper in her bathroom to make a roaring statement! She’s also glammed up her bathroom with gold shower fittings and intricate floor tiles.

Consider which wall you choose to hang your wallpaper on in the bathroom, as you don’t want it to come in direct contact with water.

Jungle fever


Pink and green is a winning combination and we love it in Lissi from Oxfordone’s bathroom. The oversized banana leaf print stands out and complements her gorgeous pink bath. Lissi has used tiles in the area directly above the bath to avoid the wallpaper being exposed to too much moisture.

Pretty florals


Elle from the account Elle the Home Bird has created a two-tone look in her bathroom by using metro tiles to fill the bottom half her wall space and decadent floral wallpaper to fill the top half. This not only looks great but is a wise move in terms of keeping non-waterproof wallpaper out of the way of unavoidable splashes.

Under the sea


Our Victorian Terrace has recently transformed their bathroom and it features this amazing fish-print wallpaper from Graham & Brown.

If you’re concerned about the effects of using wallpaper in your bathroom then opt for a design that is specifically made for hanging in bathrooms, meaning it’ll be more hardwearing and prepared for moist conditions.


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