Vintage style floral wallpaper in different shades of pink with a cream background - Instagram wallpaper trends -

8 top Instagram wallpaper trends for 2021

June 25, 2021

A space for industry professionals and decor enthusiasts alike, Instagram is a hub for inspirational interior design content. Populated with incredible content from real people, it’s the place to go to have your imagination well and truly sparked.

Keen to see the types of wallpaper styles that people are loving, I Want Wallpaper has conducted research to establish the top wallpaper trends for 2021 – according to Instagram. 

So, here’s eight top Instagram wallpaper trends to consider if you fancy changing up your walls:

1. 3D

Whether you’re after the ultimate jungle wall for a Safari style bedroom, or distressed wood panelling effects, 3D wallpaper can certainly meet your demands. The ultimate optical illusion of depth and texture, this innovative and versatile style of wallpaper unsurprisingly took the top spot by a significant lead. 

Alex Whitecroft, head of design at I Want Wallpaper agrees. She explains: “3D wallpaper is truly multifaceted and has the power to change the dynamic of a room. Excellent at drawing the eye, it makes a great choice for a statement wall in a living room or dining space.”

3D stone effect qhite wave wallpaper on a wall - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Mineheart

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2. Floral

“Thanks to the boom in grandmillennial interiors this summer, floral wallpaper has become one of the fastest growing trends of the year. And it’s showing no sign of slowing down”, says Alex.

Colloquially known as ‘granny chic’, the grandmillennial trend evokes the same kind of style you’d expect to see in your Grandma’s living room. The opposite of midcentury modern design, we’re talking about an abundance of embroidered linens, blue and white porcelain, and an abundance of floral prints.

Vintage style floral wallpaper in different shades of pink with a cream background - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Lola Design Ltd

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3. Geometric

After a year of unrest, it’s no surprise that the clearly defined lines and symmetrical style of geometric patterns are appealing to many. Bold and balanced, geometric wallpaper makes a sleek addition to a contemporary home.

Alex adds: “With geometric wallpaper, colour pairings and shimmer effects can really set the scene. For example, rose gold in a metallic shimmer on a dark background can add some sophistication, while a silver pattern on a light backdrop can make a room feel light and airy.”

Moden white wallpaper with a golden geometric print - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Florence Broadhurst

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4. Mural

Unlike traditional wallpaper, murals are typically high-quality digital prints that can then be scaled up or down in size. Vivid and bold, there are plenty of different designs to choose from – making them very popular amongst those looking to make a statement.

Alex adds: “Tropical and nature-inspired murals can add a burst of green to your space, while geometric designs pair colours and patterns in a way that feels striking. Alternatively, scenic murals can bring outdoor beauty indoors, transporting you everywhere from luscious forests to white sandy beaches.”

A bathroom with a vivid jungle print mural featuring a large elephant on the wall - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Feathr

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5. Brick

Want the rustic charm of cottage-style interior brick walls, but not the expensive and time-consuming task of actually having to expose them? A form of 3D wallpaper that’s evolved into its own category, brick wallpaper is an Instagram favourite.

“From halcyon farmhouse vibes to that sophisticated industrial loft look, brick wallpaper comes in a variety of design and colour combinations, so there’s bound to be the perfect print for you”, says Alex.

Red brick effect wallpaper on a wall behind a desk - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Woodchip & Magnolia

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6. Retro

Although ‘retro’ can refer to a multitude of different eras, we’re talking about the famously  funky decade of the 1970s. Definitely the grooviest of these Instagram wallpaper trends, think geometric designs, bold graphics, repeating patterns, and bright colours.

“It’s an era that’s also known for its unusual colour pairings; think oranges and browns or blues and yellows in slightly psychedelic combinations”, Alex adds.   

1970s style wallpaper with a yellow, pink and orange retro pattern - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Ionian Interiors

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7. Damask

“From silver shimmers and pastoral tones, to deep navy and gold combinations, damask patterns add a touch of sophistication and elegance to a space”, explains Alex.

Regal and refined, textured floral damask patterns add a sense of luxury to any room. Although one of the more traditional styles in this selection of Instagram wallpaper trends, we can equate the rise in demand for classical decor choices like damask to the success of the raunchy regency drama, Bridgerton.

A child's bedroom with a light blue floral damask wallpaper on the walls behind a teepee - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Mineheart

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8. Metallic

Gone are the days of a grey pattern with a slither of silver passing for a metallic wallpaper – and Instagram is loving it! From playful swathes of shimmering pink glitter, to Art Deco geometric prints in warming navy blue and copper, metallics bring a glamorous glint to any interior design style.

“Deep metallic tones can add a sense of warmth and sophistication, while lighter tones are great for catching the summer sunlight, which can make any space feel light and airy”, Alex adds.

A 1920s style wallpaper featuring metallic gold geometric patterns on a rich forest green background - Instagram wallpaper trends -

Image: Dowsing & Reynolds

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