Cabincore: what is it?

January 25, 2022

Cabincore has been all over social media for the last few months, hot off the popularity of 2021’s cottagecore obsession. But what does the new interior trend involve? Good Homes got the inside track…

Cabincore is a micro trend which romanticises weekend lodges to create interiors with a wintery woodland aesthetic. It’s perfect for this time of year as we embrace the cosy season within our homes. Think vintage furniture, cast-iron log burners, handmade soft furnishings and printed accessories with a hint of boho chic.

Read on for some of the hottest cabincore buys on the market now…

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1. Cosy bed

This luxe bed frame and bedding set encompasses the intimate, warm feeling of cabincore. You could imagine the bedroom being taken out of a secluded cabin or lodge tucked away in the woods.

Sagstua double bed frame, £150; Smalfräken double duvet set, £15; Brunstarr cushion cover in multi, £25; Gurli cushion cover in golden yellow, £2.50; Hillegärd handmade pink throw, £25; Misterhult pendant lamp, £50; Kornsjö black storage bench, £70; accessories from a selection, all Ikea.

Cabincore bed frame and bedroom set up with panelled walls

Photo: IKEA

2. Brass lamp

Should you decide to bring the cabincore trend into a conservatory, orangery or similar indoor-outdoor area, this brass Curlew wall light is a great addition. The vintage style completely encapsulates the trend and it casts plenty of ambient light. Curlew wall light in antique brass, £117, Pooky.

Brass light in garden cabincore set up

Photo: Pooky

3. Sheepskin rug

Tell us your home is snug and cosy without telling us your home is snug and cosy? Add a sheepskin rug of course! This statement style rug is perfect for immediately bringing the cabincore aesthetic into your abode. Sheepskin rug in ivory, £80, Baa Stool. 

Cabincore ivory rug on wooden floor with fluffy armchair

Photo: Baa Stool

4. Time for a brew

This ceramic, Nordic-style mug is perfect for enjoying a nice warm cuppa. The look and feel is perfect for leaving you cosy and satisfied and we love the duck egg blue colour. Pixie mug, £9.50, Beaumonde.

Duck egg blue mug on white background

Photo: Beaumonde

5. Velvet bedspread

Everyone can do with an extra layer at night time during the chilly winter season, and this sleek and stylish bedspread is perfect. For colours instantly transport you to nature and camping or cabin and lodge living, and the luxury velvet feel brings untold warmth. Crinkle printed quilted pink velvet bedspread, £155, Oliver Bonas.

Bedspread pink velvet on white background

Photo: Oliver Bonas

6. Rocking chair

Sit by the fire and watch the bright colours swirl in this vibrant wooden rocking chair. It’s perfect for relaxing evenings with a good book or a good programme on the TV and will immediately give you relaxed vibes. It’s the perfect addition to your living room. 366 rocking chair in Mustard, £785, Lime Lace.

Yellow rocking chair cabincore theme on white background

Photo: Lime Lace

7. Chest of drawers

Every cabincore home needs plenty of storage, and these antique drawers are perfect for housing your treasures. Details like the brass handles and quality wood give them a luxe carpentry feel. Grand reclaimed chest of drawers, £800, Sweetpea & Willow.

Antique wooden drawers with brass handles on white background

Photo: Sweetpea and Willow