Written by Victoria Purcell

7 of the best dried flower bouquets

Sure, we all love vibrant fresh-cut blooms, but a dried flower bouquet is the new go-to for savvy home stylists. Why? Not only do they last longer, they’re more eco-friendly than faux flowers. Plus, they also come in a wider variety of rustic styles, warm neutral colours and muted palettes, ideal to work with the latest interior design trends.

Good Homes picks out 7 of the best dried flower bouquets around…

1. Lovely lilac

With a little TLC, dried flowers can look fantastic for years. Bunny tails are super on-trend at the moment, especially when died lilac and mixed with other long stems in shades of purple, including dried Indian corn and delicate phalaris, as they are here in The Stem’s Lilac Blush everlasting bouquet, £25.

dried lilac bouquet

Photo: The Stem

2. Natural beauty

The Dried Floral Bouquet from Where Saints Go, £35, features an uplifting springtime mix of pinks, greens and yellows, including natural pampas and pink globe amaranth.

dried flower bouquet from Where Saints Go

Photo: Where Saints Go

3. Rustic look

This Wild dried bouquet from Rose & Grey, £22, offers a small flourish of colour from red straw flowers and dried blooms to complement feathery pampas grass and seed pods.

Dried Flower Bouquet with pampas grass, red straw flowers, seed pods and dainty dried blooms from Rose and Grey

Photo: Rose and Grey

4. 70s vibes

The Faye bouquet from Shida Preserved Flowers, £38, features soft, tonal creams and tans for 70s Boho vibes. Feathery pampas and structural dried protea stems create depth, while gypsophila adds a soft touch. Plus, it’s packaged for a letterbox delivery, making it an ideal postal gift.

70s vibe dried flower bouquet: Faye Shida Preserved Flowers

Photo: Shida Preserved Flowers

5. Berries and bunnies

The eucalyptus dried bouquet from Anthropologie, £32, is filled with an assortment of dried flowers dipped in red and green hues including eucalyptus stems, as well as bunny tails and berries. It’s wrapped ready for gifting (or getting home in one piece!) in brown kraft paper tied with string.

preserved bouquet with eucalyptus from anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie

6. Cream and serene

You can choose your own combo of painted, dyed or naturally colourful dried and preserved flowers from thehappyblossoms.com, or pick from a selection of ready-made bunches including the Clotted Cream Dried Flower Bunch, £32. All their packaging is compostable or recyclable.

neutral bouquet of dried flowers from The Happy Blossoms

Photo: The Happy Blossoms

7. Vibrant display

The multi-dimensional dried flower bouquet from Maisons du Monde, £27.50, features shades of gold, tangerine, mustard and raspberry with fluffy bunny tails for a vibrant display.

Multicoloured Dried Flower Bouquet from Maison du Monde

Photo: Maisons du Monde