coastal grandma look terrace with wicker chairs and blankets

Coastal Grandma: how to achieve this TikTok trend

May 18, 2022

Coastal Grandma has to be one of the most unexpected trends of summer 2022. Originating on TikTok, with 7.7 million views and counting, the trend encompasses comfortable luxury and is linked to cottagecore in its aesthetic. It’s not just growing in popularity on the video sharing platform either, as searches for ‘Coastal Grandma interior trend’ have increased by almost 118% according to Google Trends within the month of May 2022.

Ash Read, interiors expert at home and furniture brand Living Cozy, offers an insight…

What is Coastal Grandma?

‘The Coastal Grandma aesthetic is markedly from the West Coast of the US,’ says Ash. ‘Rather than being ostentatious, it leans towards comfortable luxury. Think homes that are immaculate with breezy linens, natural seagrass and antique furniture. Imagine film cliches of a wealthy divorcee in a Nancy Meyers film heading to her beach house to drink martinis on a porch.

‘However, despite the title of the trend, you don’t need to live by the coast and have an ocean view to achieve the look. All you need is soft colours and florals in your interiors scheme.’

How did the Coastal Grandma trend originate?

TikTok user @lexnicoleta coined the home decor trend which has since gone viral, and now the hashtag is used for users of the platform to discuss starter packs on what you need to become a coastal grandmother, Spotify playlists to set the move, movie recommendations and wine to get to the status.

@etsy @Lex Nicoleta, consider us influenced. ??? #coastalgrandma #coastalgrandmother #handmade #founditonetsy #homedecorinspo ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

How can I achieve the Coastal Grandma look in my home?

Coastal grandmothers would effortlessly combine a variety of beige tones with pristine whites, and of course, beachfront blues,’ says Ash.

‘Opt for neutral tones on the walls, while colour is added with fresh flowers and cushions or throws. Prints are uncommon in coastal grandma homes, but subtle striped designs are ideal. Striped designs can be used in the flooring, a feature wall, or textiles such as a throw or accent cushions.

‘Layering natural textiles and materials such as linens and plant-derived fibres can be used to create a coastal house interior,’ he continues. ‘​​The beauty of these materials is that they will last a long time, and they also provide texture and organically create a minimalistic and contemporary style.

‘Linen curtains are essential for creating the feeling of a breeze blowing in through the window as if you were on the beach. Allowing the drape to hang a little longer so it gathers on the floor adds to the relaxed feeling you are going for.’

5 easy ways to embrace Coastal Grandma

1. Bring in natural materials

The Coastal Grandma trend isn’t just about blue stripes and linens, natural materials. You can create the beach house interior by layering up lots of different natural fabrics and materials such as wicker, wood and natural plant fibres. The beauty of these materials is that not only are they durable, but they add texture and create a minimalistic and contemporary look naturally.

rattan armchair in natural material neutral coastal grandma room

Photo: JYSK

2. Calming neutral colour scheme

Think lighter shades to transform the natural light in your home into a focal point. It’s all about creating a space that guests can relax in and feel comfortable, and calming neutrals of cream, whites and beige help to exude that coastal aesthetic look.

Consider your soft furnishings, accessories and decorating schemes and how you can utilise calming colours to exude the coastal style. Pictured below are a few stylish choices from Saphira table lamp in amber £90, Jonah garden armchair £365 and Solar 100% cotton reversible duvet cover and two pillow cases £40.

3. Love linens

Due to linen’s naturally soft and crumpled texture, linen bedding is the perfect fit for creating a coastal grandmother chic bedroom.  Not only does this luxurious material help you to achieve a laid-back, effortless look in the bedroom, but is the perfect breathable material for those hot summer nights. Focus on lake blues, whites, and sage greens which mimic the colours of the ocean, creating a dream scene to lean back and relax.

coastal grandma striped linens on shelves

Photo: JYSK

4. Fill your home with florals

Fresh flowers, pampas and houseplants are a huge part of coastal grandma. Alongside being beautifully decorative and livening up any room, they also help to purify the air while you sleep. As we head into the summer months, opting for seasonal plants will ensure they bloom beautifully and brighten up the space.

Coastal grandma faux flowers in bathroom

Photo: Blooming Artificial

5. Create open spaces

An open and friendly home space is essential for the coastal grandma aesthetic, and nowhere should be more so than the kitchen. This stunning kitchen hub with a central island is perfectly fitting with the look, combining neutrals, natural materials and key cottage-style features such as beams to cement the look.

Coastal Grandma open plan kitchen with island

Photo: Loch Anna