Barkitecture: what is it and will it catch on?

February 15, 2022

If you’re an animal lover, you’re likely no stranger to a pampered pooch. From doggie spa days to feline massage, pet pampering is nothing new. Dog architecture, or ‘Barkitecture’, on the other hand, is a term you might not be so familiar with.

Tipped as a top interiors trend for 2022 by Pinterest, the prediction centres around Millennial, Gen X and Boomer pet owners redesigning their homes with dogs and cats in mind (see also ‘catification’). So whether you’re planning a luxury dog room or an elaborate run of cat shelves, Good Homes can help.

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What is Barkitecture?

Pinterest reports that searches for ways to adapt our homes to accommodate dogs and cats are on the up. Searches for ‘luxury dog room’ have increased by 115%. So forget a home gym, office or playroom, it seems our pets have got first dibs on the spare room. Searches for ‘dog beds made from furniture’ have also doubled since 2021.

What is catification?

Searches for ‘catify your home’ and ‘cat house design’ have increased four-fold, and ‘luxury cat room’ are up three times on last year. So it seems the humble cat bed will no longer cut the mustard – instead, it’s in with cat shelves, cat trees and more as pet owners try to create a ‘home within a home’ for their feline friends.

7 of the best barkitecture and catification buys…

1. Pet bed sideboard

There isn’t always room for a dog or cat bed. Either that or the extra soft furnishings can cause a minimalist angst.So why not incorporate a pet bed into a sideboard, cupboard or even a kitchen island?  This soft grey pet bed sideboard by Cox & Cox, priced £1,250, is just the ticket.

barkitecture: pet bed sideboard from Cox and Cox

Photo: Cox and Cox

2. Wicker pet beds

If the idea of pet house doesn’t float your interior design boat, why not try a wicker or rattan pet bed? They fit seamlessly into most interior schemes and ensure your furry friend can snooze in style. Shop the below ideas here: Oval rattan dog bed, £229, Beaumonde; Toba rattan dog kennel, £336, Beaumonde; Wicker pet bed, £250, Cox & Cox.

3. Dog-friendly furniture

Whether or not to let pets on the sofa is always a debate when a new furry friend arrives. So why not get them their own dog or cat sofa?  This Holly pet bed in velvet grey with studs, £595 from Furniture Village, is a great example.

Grey studded dog sofa Barkitecture

Photo: Furniture Village

4. Cat towers

Indulge your feline friend with a cool cat tower full of intrigue. Ideal for an alcove or nook, where kitty can climb up high and survey his surroundings from a position of safety, this catification solution won’t take up too much space. This handcrafted, eco-friendly cat tree is made from driftwood, refurbished apple crates and recycled materials. Order yours from Treowshop on Etsy for £300.

catification cat tower from etsy recycled materials

Photo: Treowshop

5. Cat shelves

Cat shelves are an absolute must for those dedicated to catification. The Catwalk Play wall-mounted cat shelf, £159 from Fabio The Cat, with hammock is a unique vertical space for cats that like to climb, jump, explore and rest. Plus, it looks good! The design can be easily rotated 180 degrees so you can place it as best suits your space and your cat.

cat shelves: Catwalk Play wall-mounted cat shelf, £159 from Fabio The Cat

Catwalk Play wall-mounted cat shelf, Fabio The Cat

6. Cat-inspired decor

Take the Barkitecture trend to your walls with this kitty wallpaper. We think it would look fab as a feline feature wall in a downstairs room or parlour room as a tribute to the cat in your life. Shop A Cavalcade of Cats wallpaper in mustard from Lime Lace.

Barkitecture yellow kitty feature wallpaper

Photo: Lime Lace

7. Dog shower

Or how about installing a dog shower in a garage or utility room? Ideal for quickly rinsing off your dog’s muddy paws after after a long walk or giving them a thorough hose down before letting the mucky pups in the house, these ideas, courtesy of will help you plan a custom dog shower: