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7 trending ideas for curtains & blinds

January 8, 2023

Curtains are very much back in vogue! Discover the latest curtain trends, as well as what’s hot in blinds, plus as expert advice on how to hang them and tackle tricky projects like bay windows…

When it comes to choosing fabric window dressings for your room, there’s a lot to think about. From where to shop and which styles to go for, to the practicalities of how to measure and hang curtains and blinds, it’s a real minefield. Not to mention choosing the colour and fabric of curtain and blinds, but also functionality – do you want blackout blinds or insulating curtains?

Each has its benefits, and some potential drawbacks, but you can be certain some styles are more en vogue right now than others. Good Homes asks the expert for advice and picks out some of the most on-trend ideas for curtains and blinds…

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curtain trends: rainforest print from prestigious

Curtains and soft furnishings in Rainforest print from the Monsoon Collection at Prestigious Textiles (click photo to buy)

How to hang curtains and blinds

How to hang curtains

While curtains can add an extra layer of beauty to a room, the functionality is that many people don’t know how to go about hanging them but it’s actually really simple, providing you have the right tools.

Harry Cole, Founder of curtain company, Loom & Last gives us his top tips: ‘A curtain pole, tape measure, drill and a ladder are essential for you to hang curtains correctly. Once correctly measured, install the brackets approximately four to six inches from the side of the window frame. Depending on your curtain of choice, be sure to have the necessary track or pole rings, and then simply attach or hook them through the pole and into the fixed brackets.’

If you’re still confused, watch this handy video:

How to hang blinds

Hanging blinds is simple if you know what you’re doing – isn’t everything? Many of us are daunted by the prospect of measuring wrong or leaving what is seen as a key feature of the room looking wonky or, worse, falling down!

This great video by Lowe’s Home Improvement guides you through the process. Learn how to hang horizontal blinds like a pro (inside mount or outside mount), how to shorten the blinds and other tips to do the job right first time.

Curtain styles

Eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat or wave curtains?

Eyelet and pencil pleat are two of the most common types of curtains, but which should you choose? Harry explains the difference: ‘Eyelet curtains are hung directly onto the pole through the metal rings sewn into the curtain. This creates a deep, even and natural fold that gives a contemporary finish to any room.

‘Pencil pleat on the other hand are folds of fabric gathered tightly together, resembling the size of a pencil – hence the name. These curtains have small discreet hooks attached to the back on the curtain which is then hooked to the curtain pole.’

If you’re looking for a highly decorative option, consider pinch pleat curtains, with permanently sewn-in pleats for an elegant, tailored look. Choose either a double or triple-pinch pleat, depending on your style.

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And then there’s wave headings, which offers a more modern look: ‘Wave headers allow curtains to drape in soft, relaxed folds, which provides an effortless and contemporary look at the window,’ says Hillarys product manager Yvonne Keal.

Eyelet or pencil pleat curtains - which is best?

Eyelet curtains from Loom & Last

Bay windows

How can I dress a bay window with curtains and blinds?

Dressing a window the right way can make all the difference, as Jen and Mar from Interior Fox know all too well: ‘Deciding on curtains or blinds for a bay completely depends on what is under the window. If nothing lies directly under, we love using both blinds and curtains together, this look adds more texture and warmth to a home.

‘If you have a desk or daybed in a bay window, we’d recommend sticking to blinds to keep the look nice and minimal. Another top tip: steer clear of short curtains. They feel dated and can make the window feel smaller.’

Getting the balance right between privacy and allowing natural light into your home is one important thing to think about when choosing soft-furnished window dressings. A blackout curtain is important in a bedroom, for example, to ensure you can sleep through light summer mornings, however, every time you close the curtains, you don’t want to be plunged into pitch darkness.

curtains for bay window from Hillarys

Hillarys Forenza Sterling curtains and Clarence Mauve Roman blinds

Curtain and blind trends

With that in mind, Good Homes highlights the key curtain and blinds trends…

1. Velvet curtains

Can you ever really beat velvet for luxury? Plush, heavy and beautifully textured, it’s also ideal if you’re trying to keep your home warm and your energy bills down, thanks to its weight and thickness. Go for deep, saturated shades for the ultimate in drama and decadence, or opt for lighter, brighter colours if your scheme is more neutral. ‘Enduringly stylish, velvet is a superior choice for window furnishings,’ said Thomas Sanderson product manager, Abi Clewley. ‘It adds texture to decor, and will help insulate larger rooms.’ Check out Hillarys luxe velvets collection for further inspiration.

curtain trends: pink velvet by Sanderson for Hillary's

Hemingford curtains in Rose from Thomas Sanderson

2. Jungle fever

Biophilic design‘ has been a buzz phrase since 2019, and given the amount of time we’ve all spent indoors over the last few years, it’s hardly surprising that we’re continuing to see nature-inspired themes trending in homewares. Palm prints get an upgrade for 2023 with the latest take on the trend – jungle luxe. As well as filling our homes with rich, verdant plants, we’re adding coordinating textiles to being even more of the outdoors in. Team this look with rattan furnishings for the ultimate in jungle fever!

jungle palm print blind in a jungle-inspired living room: hillary's Mirrissa Twilight Roman Blinds

The Mirissa Twilight Roman Blind from Hillarys comes in three colourways (click photo to buy)

3. Modern country

The big sister trend to Cottagecore, modern country is the perfect blend of traditional and modern, featuring pretty florals and country-inspired prints in more neutral palettes, from greys and creams to pale pinks and sage greens. Think of it as a carefully curated country home, which translates into subtle florals in living room curtains and kitchen blinds, set to a backdrop of more neutral decor with plush, welcoming furnishings. Subtle check patterns work too for the modern country look.

curtain trends: peacock print by Laura Ashley from next

Laura Ashley Belvedere Eyelet Curtains in Truffle from Next (click photo to buy)

4. The new teal

Teal has really worked its way into our homes over the last few years, featuring in sofas, cushions and curtains. The new teal is more vibrant than the rich, Farrow and Ball-esque shades that we’ve come to know and love. And if you’re after a more subtle way to inject this colour into your decor scheme, consider a teal ombre curtain or blind. Check out the Clarissa Hulse collection at Blinds2Go and Curtains2Go for some great ombre curtains and blinds.

teal ombre curtains: clarissa hulse from curtains2go

Ombre teal curtains from the Clarissa Hulse collection at Curtains2Go

5. Sustainable curtains

Sustainability is always in vogue, and quite rightly so. These days it’s easier than ever to seek out sustainable homewares, and Hillarys has now thrown hemp curtains into the mix to lower the impact of your decor revamp even further. Plus, it can help keep your home warm: ‘Hemp is an environmentally friendly and sustainable fabric choice that’s also thermodynamic,’ says Hillarys product manager, Yvonne Keal. ‘This means that it will help keep your room cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. It’s a brilliant choice for modern homes.’

sustainable curtains: hemp curtains from Hillarys

Pure Hemp curtains in Eucalyptus from Hillarys

6. Pale green

Green is having a bit of a moment. Whether you’re into teal, verdant jungle shades, or softer sages, they all feature heavily in trends roundups. Blinds Direct even declared soft green its Colour of the Year in 2022. Opt for shades like eucalyptus, sage and fern, which jive with themes of spring and rejuvenation. Pale green is versatile and flattering in any room, but works particularly well with Scandi schemes.

pale green curtains from Blinds Direct

Photo: BlindsDirect

7. Door curtains

With energy prices so high, keeping draughts at bay is a priority for many this winter. While period homes offer plenty of character, they don’t always deliver on insulation. Upgrading your wall, loft and floor insulation is always a good idea, but plugging gaps around draughty doors is a great place to start if you’re not in a position to spend hundreds on upgrading your property’s thermal performance. Make My Blinds, the website that makes ordering bespoke window dressings easy, recently launched a curtain collection too. Hop online and check out their thermal curtain collection here.

thermal door curtain in blue from Make My Blinds

Photo: Make My Blinds

Additional words by Victoria Purcell


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