6 sustainable homewares you need to know about

April 19, 2021

As we all strive to do our bit for the planet this Earth Day, we guide you through the latest sustainable homewares on the scene…

Susainable homewares soft furnishings,

Image: JYSK

Earth Day falls on 22nd April this year and brings with it thoughts of how we can be more planet-friendly. From walking or using public transport over driving, to remembering our reusable bags when we visit the supermarket, there are plenty of easy swaps to make. The question remains though, how can we be more sustainable within our homes?

Thankfully, in 2021 there are a plethora of brands which champion sustainability and style. There are a variety of products to choose from, with easy swaps to be made from the way you make your morning coffee to your cleaning routine.

Read on for all of the sustainable homewares inspiration you need to make your home more planet-friendly!

Sleep sustainably

Nectar carbon neutral mattress, sustainable homewares,

Image: Nectar

Hailed as the UK’s first carbon neutral accredited mattress, Nectar sets itself apart as the eco-friendly mattress on the table. Combining comfort with ethical credentials, the mattress also has an adaptive cooling cover. This regulates body temperature, memory foam, and 7-zone support layers which target specific ‘problem zones’ while you sleep such as your hips.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, this is the way to go.

Clean up your act

Sustainable homewares vacuum cleaner,

Image: Halo Capsule

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the way forward, and this latest offering from eco brand Halo Capsule ticks boxes from convenience and sustainability. Combining long lasting power and compostable dust pouches in a lightweight model, this is much more environmentally friendly than its counterparts.

Similarly, this cordless model also gives you the capacity of a full-size upright hoover, with five times more capacity than similar options. The paper dust pouches provide great filtration using highly efficient filters which filter down 99.95% of particles down to just 0.5%.

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Scandi style

Image: JYSK

The new Scandinavian Sense range from Danish homeware brand, JSYK is made with recycled materials. It uses innovative processes to transform leftovers from cotton production into yarns for new products. This gives the materials new life, benefitting both the environment and the customer with a high quality product.

The entire collection is inspired by simple living with soft, organic fabrics in mellow colours with subtle patterns. Browse the entire Scandinavian Sense range here.

Repurposed furniture

Image: Grain

A new pioneer in the world of sustainable furniture design, Grain collects old materials and converts them into something new. This means nothing goes to landfill at the end of the lifespan, and new life is breathed into old furniture.
We love this Brenin desk, it’s perfect for anyone now looking to invest in a work from home desk for remote working whilst also doing your bit for the planet, too!

Get into the garden

Recycled decking sustainable homewares,

Image: Composite Prime

It isn’t just indoor sustainable homewares that are a hot topic, but our outdoor spaces, too. We’re all spending a lot more time in them. thanks to lockdown beginning to lift, so new decking is top of our priorities.

If you’re in the market for some, consider Composite Prime decking. This is top quality and created from the equivalent of 3,000 plastic bottle caps or 280 plastic bottles. In their last six years of operation, the brand has managed to save 151 million plastic milk bottles from landfill with their endeavours. Browse their full range here.

Worktop wonders

Kitchen worktop, sustainable homewares,

Image: Daval

Renovating your kitchen this spring? Opt for sustainability with the Renzo worktop design, an FSC certified, contemporary range which is made from 100% recycled materials. The environmental integrity of the new range, from Daval, does not compromise on quality. The made-to-measure furniture can be customised to suit any taste and kitchen space.

Thanks to the growing trend for eco-led designs, Renzo is now available in a choice of five new, high-texture door finishes. Choose from charred Japanese wood, character oak tobacco, character oak natural, artstone quartz grey finish and artstone grey finish.

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