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5 ways to get your garden ready for spring

Getting out into the garden is a blessing when a lot of us are having to spend more time at home. We’ve got 5 top tips on how to get your garden in tip top shape for the upcoming months.

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Warmer weather, brighter evenings, lush lawns and colourful flower beds are all on the way, but what do you need to know in preparation for this time of the year? We spoke to eSpares, Britain’s biggest spare part provider, which has provided some spring gardening tips that you can follow to ensure your garden grows into full bloom! 

1. Get planting!

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Image: Krystina Rogers 

Early spring offers a great opportunity to grow flowers such as pansies, tulips, and roses. When it comes to planting roses, pop a banana skin into the planting hole beforehand, as the decomposed skin will release magnesium, potassium and other nutrients which boosts the health and colour of the roses.

2. Cut back

If you have noticed that your plants suffered from frost damage over the colder months, now is the perfect time to rectify this. By cutting back dead or diseased growth, you can prevent any further dieback and start encouraging plants to recover and produce new shoots for the coming season.

3. Check your tools

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Image: Daniel Watson

Another important job is to make sure your tools are ready for use. First, you should be checking and potentially replacing your lawnmower blades or weed trimmer line. Then, make sure the blades on your handheld tools, such as pruners and chainsaws, are all still sharp and in good shape.

4. Give your soil a boost

Your garde may need a little help waking up in spring months, and they like coffee almost as much as we do! Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which is great for stimulating plant growth. So, next time you make a cuppa, feed the grounds to your soil or compost too.

5. Protect your plants

If your garden is prone to late spring frosts, it is important to cover up any tender plants where the buds have started to open. Old cloths and sheets are perfect for this but you should avoid anything plastic, as it actually worsens the cold rather than protects from it!


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