Written by Hugh Metcalf

Sustainable swap: eco, refillable cleaning products for your home

Making the swap to these clever products will help reduce the amount of everyday plastic your household uses. 

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Image: Garden Trading 

Saving the planet might not be an achievable goal for your household alone, but reducing your usage of single-use plastic can only be good for the environment and your conscience. 

We’re seeing lots of brilliant brands think about how to make their cleaning products refillable and more eco-conscious. Here’s just a handful of ways you could do your bit. 

Try a refillable cleaning spray

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Image: Neat 

Cleaning products like Neat are the perfect way to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Not only are the bottles sturdy, refillable and look good in your home,  but the refills come in small concentrated bottles, meaning no unnecessary packaging and transport of water. They can be made up at home, and perform like any normal cleaning product. Plus did we mention they look good too? 

Get refills by post

To avoid the situation where you run out of cleaning product and have to necessity buy a single-use plastic one at the shop, many eco cleaning brands, including Splosh, offer subscriptions of refills that fit through your letterbox. 

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Dissolvable products and packaging

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Image: AndKeep 

As a low-waste way to offer refills, why not try these dissolvable sachets from AndKeep? Simply pop them in your spray bottle with water, and you’ll instantaneously have bathroom cleaner ready to go! 

If you like this idea, you may also be interested in dissolvable laundry strips as an alternative to liquid and powder detergents. Not only do these require minimal packaging, which is biodegradable too, they produce 94% less emissions than the alternatives! 

Use glass bottles 

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Image: Peace with the Wild

For a more permanent, low-plastic solution, opt for a spray glass bottle. We love these stylish amber glass bottles from Peace with the Wild


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