Written by Paisley Tedder

Sustainable swap: eco cleaning products for your home

Making the swap to these clever products will help reduce the amount of everyday plastic your household uses

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Saving the planet might not be an achievable goal for your household alone, but reducing your usage of single-use plastic can only be good for the environment and your conscience.

We’re seeing lots of brilliant brands think about how to make their cleaning products refillable and more eco-conscious. Here’s just a handful of ways you could do your bit.

1. Eco laundry products

Believe it or not, our laundry routine can have a huge environmental impact. From the single-used plastic used to contain products, to the chemicals flowing into the ocean, not to mention using a tumble dryer. Switch up your routine and instead opt for an eco-friendly brand like Kinn. Contained in recycled plastic bottles, you can buy the chemical-free, vegan and cruelty-free laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and delicate wash all at affordable prices.

Image: Kinn 

2. Invest in an egg

Another eco laundry alternative is the remarkable and infamous Lakeland laundry egg. Throw it in with your dirty clothes instead of washing powder and they’ll come out smelling wonderful, without harming the environment whilst also safe for those with sensitive skin. The laundry egg costs £9.99 and lasts for an amazing 70 washes. A well worth investment we think!

Image: Lakeland

3. Opt for zero-waste packaging

As well as being sustainable, we’re also looking for convenience and affordability in our cleaning products. Luckily, Smol does all three. Adored by Instagram influencers and regular families alike, the brand offers everything from dishwasher tablets to anti-bacterial sprays, all delivered as often as you need, and in zero-waste packaging to boot!

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4. Refill, reuse, repeat

This ethos is at the heart of Spruce, a cleaning brand with a difference. Purchase one lightweight aluminium bottle for your anti-bacterial spray and bathroom cleaner, and get concentrated refills sent direct to your door as and when you need them. Simply combine water with the solution and you’re off. Better still, currently the first month’s refill costs just £1, so it’s a great time to kick off an eco mindset ready for the great spring clean!

Image: Spruce 

5. Factor it into your everyday shop

One way that many of us fall down in our sustainability mission is by seeing it as a separate chore to everything else, and something extra to have to organise alongside food shopping, school runs and such. Luckily, brands like Method are making eco cleaning the norm, and their wide range of chemical-free, cruelty-free products is available across mainstream supermarkets including Asda, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, so you can top up your collection as easy as with your bread and milk!

Image: Method

6. Use glass bottles

Where possible, try to opt for glass packaging in your household products. While these can be recycled more easily, they also can be repurposed by yourself as containers for other things. We love the gorgeous collection of biodegradable products from Colt and Willow.

Image: Colt and Willow


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