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4 essential cleaning jobs to tackle this lockdown

January 12, 2021

Bored this January? These essential lockdown cleaning jobs are exactly how you should be spending your extra time

Kärcher Pressure Washer

Image: Kärcher

It would be tempting to spend this month curled up watching box sets with the stash of leftover Christmas chocolate, but during these times it’s best to stay motivated, so why not seize the opportunity to get some cleaning tasks out the way?

According to research from household cleaning brand Kärcher, 86% of us believe that cleaning positively impacts our wellbeing, while a third of us say it helps us to feel less stressed.

Behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings backed up the findings who said: At the moment, people may be feeling confused and worried but by taking back some control over these negative emotions and creating a more ordered and soothing space, we are empowering ourselves to take back control. Getting rid of that built up dirt and bacteria from your home by doing a deep clean cleanses both your physical environment and your psychological state of mind.

So it might not just be your home that benefits from getting a few odd tasks done. Scroll down for five essential lockdown cleaning tasks to tackle this January for a happier home, and mind!

Make your windows sparkle

Kärcher WV 5 Plus N Window Vac

Image: Kärcher

With the cold drawn in and the heating blasted up, unwelcome condensation can start to build up on windows. Not only is this unsightly, but unwanted moisture can also actually end up damaging your home – leading to mould, damp walls and ceilings, rotting windowsills and frames. 

Mould doesn’t just damage the structure of your home but can affect your personal health too – a study by EPA recently found that mould in the home can increase the risk of respiratory and asthma-related illnesses by up to 50 per cent. 

A window vacuum will help to remove condensation – simply vacuum the water away in one quick motion.

Tidy up the garden

Image: Garden Trading

As we’re not spending as much time in the garden due to the chilly temperatures, it’s easy to not keep on top of jobs that need to be done outside. However, if you take care of your outdoor space in the winter, you’ll be thankful for it in the spring and summer when we’re really make the most of it.

Spare some time to clean and re-organise your garage as it gathers a lot of spider webs, dirt, and dried leaves in the summer. Kärcher’s range of wet and dry vacuums are the perfect solution for tidying your garage and sheds as they’re specifically designed for tasks that are too tough for an indoor vacuum such as removing dust, mud and gravel.

Next, clear any outdoor toys, twigs and debris from your lawn and give it a mow. It’s important you choose a dry day for this as mowing wet or frosty grass can damage it, and the soil underneath.  Once it’s been done you may not need to mow again until spring unless the weather is mild, and the grass is still growing. 

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Pressure wash patios and driveways

Image: Kärcher

It’s just as important to prep your patio or decking for winter, as it is to clean it ahead of summer. Cleaning your outdoor area now will not only make the job easier come spring but will also help stop it being as slippery during the cold, frosty days. 

Start by removing any objects – furniture, plant pots and anything else in the way – and weeds. Give the area you will be pressure washing a good sweep or make the job easier and quicker.

When you’re ready, add either stone or wood detergent, depending on your surface, to your pressure washer and initially start on a low pressure setting to pull detergent through the machine. Hold the high-pressure jet vertically to the paved surface and, using a sweeping motion, slowly clean from one edge to the other (moving with the direction of the wood grain, if applicable) at a distance of around 20 to 30cm. 

Give your oven some TLC

E Black Built In Electric Single Oven, B&Q

Image: B&Q

Over the holidays lots of grease and grime can build up in your oven from the constant cooking and that big Christmas turkey. Cleaning your oven can be an intimidating job, but with some handy tips the task can be done with less stress.

You can remove any cooked-on food or stubborn burnt areas on your oven door with a brush with tough bristles. Once they’re gone, you can clean the area with an oven cleaner. To clean the oven shelves, line your sink with dryer sheets and fill the basin with warm water and washing up liquid for a soak. The antistatic in the dryer sheets will help to separate the food from the racks by diluting the bond and the fabric softening agents soften the baked-on food.

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