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5 of Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning tips

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean, tidy and smelling fresh, in collaboration with Zoflora 

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Get in the mood for your spring clean with cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch‘s top cleaning tips. As an avid fan of Zoflora and its many gorgeous scents, she has put together a list of quick cleaning hacks that really don’t take any time at all! Cleaning is cool now, right?

Cleaning tips from Mrs Hinch

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1. Remember to clean your cloths

We use a variety of different cloths to clean our home, but how often do we clean the cloths themselves? Mrs Hinch recommends diluting 2 capfuls of Zoflora in water in the sink and to leave your dishcloths to soak. Do this in the evening and in the morning your whole kitchen will smell divine!

2. Take care of your sink

Pour 1 capful of Zoflora down your plug holes to kill bacteria and get rid of unpleasant smells. To disinfect the sink, add a capful of your favourite Zoflora disinfectant to a trigger spray containing water, then spray directly onto the area and wipe over with a cloth.

3. A warm welcome

A great cleaning tip for your entranceway is to dilute the Zoflora into a spray bottle and spray directly onto the mat. The scent will permeate the mat and make your entire hallway smell luxurious.

4. Don’t forget your floors

Floor surfaces receive a high amount of traffic on a daily basis. To keep bacteria at bay, dilute 4 capfuls of your favourite Zoflora into a mop bucket of water and use to clean your floor surfaces.

5. Beat the bathroom

Even though Zoflora is commonly known for its amazing range of scents, it’s important to remember that it kills 99.9% of bacteria and is a strong enough disinfectant to tackle your bathroom cleaning woes. Bacteria thrives in warm, damp places so make sure you thoroughly clean your bathtub. Use a spray bottle of diluted Zoflora to clean the tub and for an extra zap, pour a neat capful down the plughole.


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