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‘Queen of Clean’ reveals expert tips and the biggest cleaning mistakes

Cleanfluencer Lynsey Crombie shares her best cleaning tips and tricks

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Do you love a home hack? Has lockdown unleashed your inner neat freak? With the Government’s advice to stay at home, keeping our spaces clean, safe and hygienic has zoomed to the top of our to-do lists this past year. 

From Stacey Solomon’s Tap to Tidy book and Sort Your Life Out TV series, to Mrs Hinch’s Tesco homeware range, our screens and social channels have seen the rise of the cleanfluencer, attributing much of their success to their handy household tips and tricks on Instagram.

In partnership with household favourites Vileda and Marigold, online guru and ‘Queen of Clean’ Lynsey Crombie has shared her cleaning advice with GH. We mopped up the best hacks for the key areas of the home…

Common kitchen and bathroom germ hotspots

Kettle in kitchen - Image: Anete Lusina (Pexels)

Image: Pexels

Whilst working remotely from home, the kettle is constantly boiling for cups of tea and coffee, so naturally, this household appliance can be one of the biggest germ hotspots, particularly the handle.

“When we’re doing these really quick tasks we often miss things like light switches, plug points, cupboard handles and your bread bin,” explains Lynsey. “And these are some of the areas where germs really stick to, so need special attention.”

Lynsey’s favourite cleaning tool: Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves
Features:  100% recyclable, anti-slip, triple-dipped and super protective for hands and nails that do not leave a talc residue. The bathroom variants also come in a longer, roll-top length for hygienic protection.
Great for: Doing the washing up and picking up wet, slippery dishes; cleaning the toilet

Clean with kitchen condiments and bathroom cupboard staples

As we become more sustainable consumers and like to know what we’re putting on our hands, face and skin, Lynsey says that there’s no need to buy harsh, specialist cleaning products, as you’re likely to have the most effective and natural products in your pantry already.

According to Crombie, white vinegar is a great deodoriser, ketchup and beer are great for rust and white shaving foam makes for an amazing carpet cleaner!

If you’re tackling limescale around the bath or on your showerhead, spray undiluted white vinegar on the limescale, leave it for 20 minutes, then wipe down with just water to remove any unsightly deposits.

Lynsey’s favourite kitchen cleaning tool: Marigold Let It Shine! Microfibre Cloths
Features: Durable microfibre cloths that can be reused, time and time again
Great for: Wiping down surfaces with minimal cleaning products

Get familiar with microfibre

Throughout our tutorial with the cleaning coach, Lynsey kept things squeaky clean and simple – forgoing chemical cleaning products for good old H20 and a set of colour-coded microfibre cloths, which kill 99% of germs and bacteria all on their own.

For example: To avoid cross contamination, why not use blue for loo in the bathroom, pink for the sink and green or yellow for more mellow cleaning jobs?

“One of the biggest mistakes people also make when cleaning cabinets is to use far too much product,” says Lynsey. “They’ll use a spray bottle and too liberally spray one small square.”

Top product tip: “Whenever you clean anything with microfibre, never ever use fabric conditioner. It is going to break down those fibres and stop the absorbency.”

Lynsey’s favourite kitchen cleaning tool: Vileda Windomatic
Features: Two clean settings to suck up different volumes of water and clean up to 120 windows in just one charge time. Removable water tank ensures water does not start to smell or become mouldy.
Great for: As well as windows, kitchen cabinets, mirrored bedroom furniture and large glass tables, this tool can be used outdoors for cleaning the car.
Top product tip: “With a flexible neck, the Windomatic stops streaks and watermarks on your shower screen and tiles by using it vertically, and then turning it horizontally.”

Nail how to clean your bathroom and kitchen

Marigold Cleaning Me Softly ScourersImage credit: Marigold

As well as questions about cleaning the toilet and dealing with limescale and soap scum, Lynsey is also inundated with requests from her followers asking her how to clean nail polish, purple hair shampoo and fake tan off bath enamel.

Lynsey’s favourite cleaning tool: Marigold Cleaning me softly non scratch scourers
Features: A scratchy, gently abrasive surface, which is approved for use by Teflon
Great for: Kitchen and bathroom extractor fans, as well as enamel sinks and bathtubs

Don’t forget your phone

Phone on book - Image: Pexels

Image credit: Pexels

Our electronic devices can hold and hide lots of bacteria, and actually be one of the most germ-ridden items in your home. In particular, Lynsey admits to her phone always being covered in makeup and fingerprints.

Before the pandemic, we thought nothing of putting our phones on coffee shop or train tables, or resting it on the seat next to us.

Lynsey’s simple tip is to remove your phone cover and dip it into water, wiping that down then your phone itself with a damp microfibre towel, avoiding chemically based products that may damage or scratch your screen. Don’t forget when cleaning your phone to also clean the charger and charge points, too.

“By choosing one of the lighter microfibre cloths, you will really see how dirty your smartphone really is,” says Lynsey. “Again, this can be used on laptops and tablets that the kids may have used for home schooling.”

Lighting the way

Laptop with desk lamp

Image: Pixabay 

In the age of Zoom calls and working at our desks till all hours, lamps have become an essential item, but it’s on bulbs that the most dust gathers, and Lynsey has a handy – and eco-friendly – tip for keeping it at bay.

“I recycle old makeup brushes, using the tips to dry-dust the lights in my office,” she says. “You can also use them on your keyboard – and don’t forget to pay attention to the cables on your printers and the high touch-points in the room.”

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