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Try these viral TikTok bathroom cleaning hacks

Get your bathroom looking spotless in a flash with these new cleaning hacks, taken straight from TikTok!

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Video sharing platform TikTok is the place to check out trends, whether its fashion or food its the place to find the latest things. This time though, TikTokkers of the world have turned their attention to cleaning, with a wide range of mind-blowing hacks to make things easier at home.

The experts at Victorian Plumbing have put together a list of the top five bathroom ones so you can try them yourself!

Picking up dust from your bathroom floor

We can hoover and mop as if our life depends on it, but often bits of dust still cluster on our floor. This game-changing hack involves dipping a part of a paper towel in water, placing it next to the dust pile, and then sweeping it onto the wet part of the towel for easy removal.

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Folding bathroom towels

Getting that spa feeling in your bathroom, especially now we can have guests to stay again, is something we would all love to achieve. Folding towels might seem like a simple task, but there’s definitely an art to it. Start with your towel spread out in front of you on your folding surface, then fold the upper right hand corner down to create a triangular shape. Next, fold the towel in half lengthwise like a hot dog. Flip the entire towel over and roll it up starting from the straight-edge side. Finally, tuck the end of the triangle into the rolled up towel and you’re finished.

@mama_mila_Give your bathroom a simple makeover 🕊 @sheridanaustralia ##sheridanlife ##foldinghacks ##bathroomaesthetic♬ Umbrella – Vl4s

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Getting shower curtain and mats squeaky clean

While these two bathroom accessories can get forgotten about, they are two places where lots of dirt and mildew lie. Ensure you’re cleaning yours properly by taking the following steps. Fold the curtains and mats inwards to prevent mould spreading. Then, lay them on the ground either outside or on non-carpet flooring and brush away as much mould as you can. Fill a tub with hot water and add four tablespoons of non-chlorine bleach and then add the mat or curtain. Let them soak for an hour, then shake and rinse in a tub of fresh water.

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Cleaning your shower with a Dishmatic

You’ll likely already be familiar with Dishmatic as an assistant while you’re scrubbing the dishes in the washing up bowl, but it turns out it works wonders in the shower, too! Take your tool and your washing liquid upstairs to your shower, add a bit of vinegar and scrub away!

@vaneamaro91#cleaningtip #cleaningtiktok #clean #tiktok #lifehack #learnontiktok #cleaning #cleaninghack #PepsiApplePieChallenge♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Laundry stripping

While most of us have a washing machine for cleaning our clothes, this hack involves soaking items for hours in your bath with different cleaning products. The idea is that this will remove any built-up residue from soaps, washing liquids and fabric softener. Find out how to do it below!

@mrslaurenelms“Stripped” me and my hubby’s workout clothes! Towels are up next! ##diycleaning ##laundry ##cleanfreak ##tide ##borax ##armandhammer ##lululemon♬ original sound – MrsLaurenElms

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