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6 ways to make your home a cosy haven

As we spend more time indoors, here are six simple steps to make your home a cosy haven until lockdown is over…

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During this third lockdown, more of us are staying home, snuggling up and watching TV than ever before. While this isn’t entirely surprising due to the UK weather conditions and government advice, we can certainly make the best of it. So, we’ve shared some top tips from Lucy Ackroyd, head designer at Christy, on how to make your home the cosiest haven it can be for the remainder of lockdown.

Comforting colours

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Believe it or not, the colour of a room has a huge impact on our mindset, so try to opt for something warm that gives you feelings of safety. While neutral tones tend to be popular, try to opt for something with a bit of colour – even if it’s just a feature wall as the depth and richness of a colour will help evoke calm and cosiness to you subconsciously.

Lucy agrees: ‘The more opulent the shade, the more of a cocoon-effect it will create for you. Terracotta can bring depth, and paired with a biscuit, stone or soft pink will bring comfort to your home.’

If you’re not in the mood for painting right now, bringing these tones in through accessories can also help. Whether it’s new bed linen, artwork or ceramics, it can all make a big difference to how we’re feeling.

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Snug rugs

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While wooden flooring might be trending, it can leave a space feeling empty which isn’t great if you’re living by yourself, or with a partner or flatmate who works a lot. Rather than revamping your home to bring in more carpet, a more practical solution would be to use rugs and mats across those areas.

‘A textured rug, either a deep pile sheepskin or a classic basket weave can work wonders, especially when placed in a strategic spot where extra comfort is needed, such as where you walk in, by the fire, or your favourite reading spot.’

Throw on a throw

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One of the easiest ways to make a big difference is by investing in throws and blankets for your home. A basket or storage space in your living room is ideal for storing plenty of different velvet throws, chunky knit blankets and more so you have plenty to choose from when you want to snuggle down with Netflix.

Wear the right gear

It’s not only your home that needs to be cosy, you have to be comfortable in order to really switch off and relax. Lucy recommends investing in some loungewear if you haven’t already. “Super soft knitted co-ords are great for daytime, and try to stick to warm, soft colours like beige and cream so you can feel comfy while working from home.

‘A fluffy dressing gown is a must for the evening though, and it’s worth investing in a good quality fabric as these can last for years if looked after properly.’

Another great idea is to leave slippers by your door, so when you come back after a trip to the shops or some exercise, you can feel yourself slipping out of the cold outdoors and into the comfy haven of your home.

Let there be light

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Rather than using your main light, opt for candles or a warm table light to keep the glow in your home. This will create a warming effect that will naturally bring a sense of calm. Even better, use scented candles so you can enjoy a tranquil scent to further help you relax.


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As we’re all missing spending time with our loved ones now, it’s a good idea to make sure you have plenty of photos up, or set as backgrounds on your devices to help remind us of happier times. Simply looking back to a holiday with friends or a family Birthday can help you to feel better, and with technology now giving us those memories to hand, it’s a good idea to utilise them.

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