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Happy UK Houseplant week! We’re celebrating by championing the most popular indoor greenery in the UK right now…

Snake Plant Beards and Daisies

Image: Beards & Daisies

Most of us have spent a lot more time indoors this year, so taking care of houseplants has been a lot easier than during ‘normal’ times. With plenty of houseplant retailers staying open during this lockdown, it seems our appetite for green babies is going nowhere fast. Flowercard shared with us eight of the most popular houseplants…

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera Houseplant Flower Council

Image: Flower Council

A multitasking plant that looks beautiful in the home, it’s no wonder this has topped the list. People also like aloe vera for its medicinal properties which are believed to include helping with burns, colds and even upset stomachs!


Lavender Plant Flower Council

Image: Flower Council

This plant really can do it all, with a beautiful purple appearance and an aroma that is thought to help reduce stress, guide you to sleep and more, it’s an all rounder than you can’t afford not to own!

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Snake plant

Snake Plant Beards and Daisies

Image: Beards & Daisies

If you’re reading this as someone without green fingers who is prone to killing their houseplants, don’t worry – the snake plant is the one for you. Able to survive without water for weeks and sturdy enough to withstand a lack of sunlight for a time, it’s the lazy plant lovers dream.

Peace lily

Peace Lily family from Beards & Daisies

Image: Beards & Daisies

This beautiful plant is also pretty low maintenance, but is also adored by many for its ability to clear the air around it. It’s definitely something you want in your abode.

Money Tree

Money Tree Plant Flower Council

Image: Flower Council

Who doesn’t want some extra luck and good fortune? Having a money tree in your home is said to bring prosperity, so why not take the chance and give yourself some positivity for the year ahead! With this in mind it’s no wonder the money tree has made the top five.

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