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7 houseplant care tips for beginners

November 11, 2020

If you’re a new plant parent, you may not know that all houseplants need different levels of care and attention. Read on for some expert care tips.

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Image: Huy Phan

Take care of your indoor jungle properly and avoid them dying off in winter. We spoke to Leaf Envy who gave advice on their top 7 houseplant care tips for beginners.

1. Perfect placement

Depending on which houseplant you have, some adore sunlight while others love the shade. Have a think as to where your new plant baby is going to live in your home, so they get the best possible chance of growing and thriving.

2. Offer protection

It’s true that most plants love being placed by the window but remember, windows can amplify the sun’s heat. Try and shade your plants during the warmer days to stop them from being damaged by leaf burn and dehydration.

collection of monstera houseplants

Image: Huy Phan

3. No place like home

Plants, unlike humans, aren’t huge fans of going on holiday, they love their homes! So, it’s best to keep them stationary in the same place so they can get acclimatised to their new environment.

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4. To water or not to water?

In wintertime, plants require much less water than they do during the summer. As they don’t grow as fast as they do in the summer, they won’t need as much energy to perform photosynthesis.

5. Less is more

Believe it or not, the biggest killer of plants is over-watering. It’s far easier to revive a plant that’s underwatered than overwatered. If you’re ever unsure how much water to give your houseplant, always remember that less is more.

watering houseplants

Image: Vadim Kaipov

6. Spoil your plants

On the odd occasion, treat your plants to a little fertiliser. Fertiliser can make the difference between an average-looking plant and a super healthy one. Don’t be afraid to add a little sprinkle or a few drops during the spring and summer months.

7. A little TLC

Whatever you put in to your plants, you’ll get out! Give them a little TLC from time to time. Prune, deadhead, mist and wipe down your plants every now and then to keep them in the freshest condition. Give them a spin now and again, that way the leaves will get equal amounts of sunlight.

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