Trending: 7 most popular houseplants for spring 2021

March 24, 2021

Keen to upgrade your houseplant stash for spring? Read on for the most popular plants of the moment…

Image: Flower Council

While our gardens need some TLC come springtime, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your indoor plant babies. With the houseplant obsession only going even more wild during lockdown, some of us have more indoor greenery than ever. There’s always room for more though, allow us to share the most popular for spring according to Blooming Artificial.


Beards and Daisies Cheese Plant

Image: Beards and Daisies

Since 2018, searches for this stunning plant have increased by a whopping 442%, with a jump of 117% between January and March 2021 alone. It’s easy to understand why, as the symbol of the millennial houseplant phenomenon, their big holey leaves are instantly recognisable and are easy to care for if you stick to the rules.

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Begonia Maculata

Leaf of bergonia maculata houseplant from the Flower council,

Image: Flower Council

The striking pattern and rich burgundy underleaf of this plant gives it a quirky appearance that has proved hugely popular with Instagrammers. There are a whopping 565,000 posts with #begonia further demonstrating it’s aesthetic appeal.


Image: Flower Council

Otherwise known as the African mask plant, the Alocasia’s unique waxy leaves bring a tropical touch to homes. It’s no wonder searches shot up 232% in 2020 as the tropical safari home trend further increased its popularity.

ZZ plant

Ideal for placing in bathrooms or dark corners of your home, the exotic ZZ plant is seriously striking and doesn’t require too much light. It’s small waxy leaves mean it has a seriously striking look, making it perfect for social media shots.

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Chinese money plant

Money Tree Plant Flower Council

Image: Flower Council

Known in Chinese culture for bringing good luck and wealth to households, it’s no surprise sales of this plant have risen during the pandemic. Known for its coin shaped leaves, searches have risen further in the last three months, likely due to the balance of being easy to look after whilst also very pretty.

Creeping fig

Image: Blooming Artificial

Hanging plants are great for their versatility around the home. From adding character to a shelf, bookcase or worktop, to being a pop of colour in an otherwise white bathroom, the value of these is only growing. The creeping fig is one of the most purchased of its kind, with searches for this rising by 88% in the last two months as we give our interiors a ‘spring refresh’.

Fiddle leaf fig

Image: Blooming Artificial

The distinctive appearance of this plant means its an attractive choice for the modern home. It’s thin trunk and glossy leaves mean it will fit beautifully into your living room, home office, kitchen, or anywhere else you see fit.

Living walls

Image: Blooming Artificial

While not exactly a houseplant, searches for living walls have rocked up ahead of spring. This could partly be down to the popularity of Stacey Solomon’s indoor living wall in her old home , a beautiful way of bringing nature indoors. These equally work great outside, and are great for revamping gardens ahead of post lockdown gatherings.

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