Rental decor: 6 deposit-friendly ways to upgrade your abode

June 22, 2021

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From fabulous floor lamps, to stylish ‘peel and stick’ vinyl, these rental decor ideas are sure to spruce up your space.

With the news that it’s officially now cheaper to rent rather than buy property in most parts of Britain, many of us are considering sticking with our lets for a little longer.

Keen to inject a little individuality into your rented space? It’s still totally possible to do up your digs without damaging your deposit.

We’ve consulted interior design experts, and come up with six rental decor ideas sure to make an impact – but not a mark!

Go for luxurious lighting

With no option for switching up your lampshade, the built-in ceiling spotlights often found in rentals are seriously lacking in personality. So make a statement with your lighting by accessorising your space with floor and table lamps that really go with your style.

Jen and Mar from Interior Fox, add: “Lighting can completely transform a space and with so many affordable options, the possibilities are endless. Swap out often dated lighting fixtures for bold pendant lights and work strategically by placing table and floor lamps throughout the living areas. This creates ambiance and personality through each room.”

Gold cubic shaped floor lamp in a room with two pink armchairs - Rental decor -

Image: Iconic Lights

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Roll out a rug

A rental decor favourite, rugs are brilliant for bringing textures into spaces filled with hard flooring, as well as hiding gaudy carpet choices.  

Daniel Prendergast, Managing Director at The Rug Seller, adds: “Large rugs protect carpets and floors as well as being an easy immediate way to freshen up the décor of a rental property. When changing carpets isn’t possible, invest in rugs. They are an inexpensive way of adding colour and excitement to any room.”

A bohemian style cream rug with a black line pattern on wooden flooring - Rental decor -

Image: The Rug Seller

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Make a statement with your storage

For those short on space, having stand-out pieces of furniture is a practical way to inject some personality into your space – without relying on unnecessary decor. Buying a bespoke sideboard or cabinet could be the perfect serviceable yet striking solution.

Alternatively, we love the idea from Furniture and Choice of upcycling an old or thrifted sideboard, by giving it the ultimate ombre makeover. Simply remove the doors, mark out four even sections, and go from darkest to lightest using four shades of the same paint colour. An affordable yet eye-catching addition to your hallway!

A sideboard with painted panels in a pink ombre pattern - Rental decor -

Image: Furniture and Choice

Click here for the Furniture and Choice DIY painted ombre sideboard instructions

Revive your surfaces with vinyl

A temporary way to upcycle the fittings in your rented space, vinyl is becoming increasingly popular in the world of rental decor. Easily removable, it enables renters to change up their space without fear of leaving behind damaged walls, cabinets or floors. 

Jes Toole, founder of the vinyl printing business, Jes Rose, adds: “Vinyl products allow you to tackle all kinds of projects like changing your kitchen cupboards on a budget, making your staircase pop, or covering the 80s floor tiles.”

A Green kitchen units with a Dalmation print black and white vinyl backsplash - Rental decor -

Image: Jes Rose

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Choose retro kitchenware

Before you buy that bog-standard kettle, think about how much extra room you have for clutter and decor in your kitchen. If you’re short on space, then aesthetic appliances are what you need.

Interiors expert at Silver Mushroom, Emmie Brockman, adds: “The kitchen is the most-used room in the house, but is often the hardest to decorate without making any permanent changes. Investing in some good quality kitchenware is a great way to spruce up your kitchen, especially if you choose bold and brilliant colours!”

A pastel blue SMEG kettle that is retro in style - Rental decor -

Image: SMEG

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Snooze in a stylish bed frame

Capture the exact look you’re after in your bedroom with a bespoke bed frame from Fishpools. Handmade and built to last, these glamorous bed frames not only make the ultimate statement without leaving behind any marks, but they’re also super comfy.

With options for all decor styles, the plump headboard and button detailing of Foxtail would add an air of Bridgerton to your boudoir, while pastel pink is the go-to for retro chic.

Pincushion pink velvet headboard,

Image: Fishpools

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