Adeline headboard with pink fabric duvet and side table,

Headboards: the ultimate guide

March 5, 2022

Investing in a fine headboard will not only improve your sleep, but the whole vibe of your bedroom

Headboards are often overlooked, and seen as an afterthought whilst the bed frame and mattress are prioritised and puzzled over. While these elements are of course important, a headboard is also essential to a well made, attractive-looking bed.

Read on for our favourite headboard designs of the moment, and some advice from the experts on which is right for you.

Why is a headboard so important?

Couple lounging in bed drinking tea and reading magazines,

Image: SilentNight

How often do you find yourself sitting up in bed, reading your book, watching telly or scrolling through your phone? This is common early morning or late night fodder for all of us, and leaning against the right style of headboard is vital for good neck health. Not only that, but as the bed is such a focus point in your bedroom, you want the tip of it to be the shining glory, right? So why spoil the vibe of your lush new bed by choosing a sub-standard headboard? Exactly.

“A headboard is not only the finishing touch to your bed, it also helps to keep your pillows in place for maximum comfort.” Pam Johnson, head of buying at Bensons for Beds explains.

“Depending on the style of headboard you choose, it can also offer comfort whilst you spend time in bed, as well as preventing unwanted markings on your walls which in time will spoil the overall look of your bed.” Pam continues.

How do I know which headboard will be best for me?

Silent Night headboard selection in a range of bright colours and fabrics,

Image: SilentNight

Preferences differ depending on the style of your bed frame and the look of your bedroom but it’s crucial to make the right choice for you.

“The key things to consider when buying a headboard are whether it will suit your needs, if it will look good with the other furniture within your bedroom, and if the style will still appeal to you several years down the line.” Pam explains.

“Upholstered headboards are increasingly popular at the moment, as they can be specially selected to match your divan base. You can also make a real statement with your fabric choice, the height of it, and choice of styling.

“We are also seeing a real resurgence in buttoned headboards in recent years because they transition from very modern, with single or double rows of buttons, to a more traditional, classic diamond buttoned pattern. Likewise, studs are growing in popularity, likely also due to that modern, classic vibe many of us are opting for in our bedrooms.

“Metal headboards are another option that can really make a statement in your bedroom. The designs can create a timeless look, from something classic to a more modern design, perhaps with brushed metal finishes. We are also seeing lots of buyers choosing a rose gold metal frame, which is a new twist on the look.” Pam explains.

How can I measure headboard height accurately?

Image: Bensons for Beds

It’s important to know how tall or short you’d like the headboard to be before ordering or browsing, so you know the kind of styles and options available to you. Measuring for anything can be tricky if you’re not sure how to do it though, luckily Pam is on hand to explain.

“The way you measure for a headboard depends on the type of headboard you’re getting. If you select a floorstanding headboard, you’ll need to measure from your bedroom floor, to the height of the headboard you purchase as that is usually where the height finishes.

“On the other hand, if you opt for a strutted headboard (with two wooden struts to affix to the back of your base), you need to measure from the floor to the top of your mattress, and add the height of the headboard you are purchasing. The sum of the two figures will give you the finished height the top of your headboard will reach.”

Obviously, this is only important if you’re purchasing a headboard separately. If you’re ordering a bed frame and mattress with a headboard, the work will be done for you by the supplier usually.

Our favourite headboards of the moment…

Bespoke Buckingham Piped Headboard, from £359.99, Bensons for Beds

Mauve fabric headboard with stripped mattress, bensons for beds,

Image: Bensons for Beds

This luxurious design is available in a wide variety of colours and will make a stunning statement to any bedroom. This floor-standing headboard has a majestic look with a classic design can also be created in a selection of different textures.

Aimantas upholstered headboard, £294.99, Wayfair

Aimantas Upholstered headboard and bed spread,

Image: Wayfair

This elegant shape in a fabric design will be a focal point of your bedroom. It’s available in mink, beige, slate, ebony or sky blue.

Feist headboard in map design, £419.99, Wayfair

Map design headboard with storage,

Image: Wayfair

Embrace your inner traveller with this inspirational headboard design.

Krystal headboard, £329.99, Bensons for Beds

Metal headboard with crystal diamantee effects,

Image: Bensons for Beds

This metal framed headboard brings a touch of class to your bedroom. It will go with most colour schemes and we love this dazzling crystal effect.

Goya headboard, from £279, Silent Night

Silent Night buttoned headboard with geltex mattress, styled with bright cushions,

Image: SilentNight

This classic button style headboard is back on trend, and we love the versatility. Silent Night offer this in a variety of fabrics and we think it looks fab with their Good Homes Approved, Geltex Mattress.

Adeline headboard, from £193.99, Wayfair

Adeline headboard with pink fabric duvet and side table,

Image: Wayfair

As something of a throwback, this beautifully iconic headboard is ideal for a spare room, or a bedroom with limited clutter.

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