Melanie Lissack interior design blogger, in front of her revamped shelving unit with various home decor accessories

Before and After: Interior blogger, Melanie Lissack’s hotel inspired living room makeover

June 20, 2018

Melanie Lissack updated her living room for Revamp Restyle Reveal, and we’ve got the scoop on how used hotel design inspiration to redecorate, style and transform her living space.

Melanie Lissack interior design blogger, in front of her revamped shelving unit with various home decor accessories

Image: Melanie Lissack

Interiors blogger, Melanie Lissack took part in the Instagram styling challenge, #revamprestylereveal, where she updated her living room along with nine other influential interior design bloggers. 

We caught up with Melanie to find out how she transformed her living room into a luxurious, hotel-inspired space – plus she reveals her biggest trend predictions for 2018.

Talk us through the concept featured in your revamped room?

living room and tv room separated by arch

Image: Melanie Lissack

‘The revamped room is my living area which is separated via an arch from the designated casual ‘TV snug’ area. I wanted this area to be sophisticated, grown up, and have a boutique hotel vibe.’

Talk us through the before and after.

brown and white marble fire place with flowers on mantlepiece

Image: Melanie Lissack

‘This room is the best room in the house as it has a stunning marble fireplace and a large sash window. However, before it just wasn’t living up to its full potential. It was the only room in the house that I had not painted since we moved in 3 years ago (and was magnolia). The colour did nothing to complement the pretty accessories that I was putting in the room, nor did it pay homage to the period of the property.

As part of the revamp, I painted it in a traditional dead flatt matt claypaint in soft grey (Cat’s Cradle by Earthborn Paints). The room was also full of furniture left over from my old house and furniture I purchased when we moved in that was to be temporary. Storage is an issue and the old display cabinet meant there was a lot dead wall space that could be used. I sold the display cabinet and with the money brought two flat-pack bookshelves that I hacked to make a bespoke bookcase. I replaced an armchair originally purchased second hand on Ebay for a snazzy navy blue number from Maisons Du Monde.’

What design elements have inspired it?

‘About a month before the revamp started I took my husband away to Bath for his birthday. I was hugely inspired by the chalky colours of Bath, and especially by the boutique hotel we stayed in that used a lot of heritage paint shades on panelled walls.’

What, if anything, did you make yourself?

book case with distressed effect wallpaper backing

Image: Melanie Lissack

‘I wanted to add in wall panelling as I really felt this would help achieve the look I was after. I created it myself using pine moulding, a mitre box, a handsaw and sticking it on the wall with a strong interior grab adhesive. I also hacked the bookcases with moulding and lightweight coving.’

What do you think is important to consider when decorating a room like this room?

‘The existing features already in the room, the light, how the room is used and also the mood that you want to evoke.’

What key interiors pieces do you think make the room and where are they from?

‘The key piece in this room is the light fitting, it is central to the room and as a mirror is over the fireplace it is reflected making it a key focal point. This light is the 12 arm Hyde pendant by David Hunt Lighting who is a Revamp Restyle Reveal sponsor. I first saw this light at the David Hunt press show last year and I dreamed of owning one. I’m so glad that I now do!!’

What do you think makes a house a home?

‘Filling it with things you love and are a reflection of you, your life, your style, your taste, your family and your travels. Walking into someone’s home should be like walking into their brain!’

What are the main advantages of redecorating a period property over a new build?

cream living room decor with blue velvet armchair fire place and chandelier

Image: Melanie Lissack

‘They tend to have great features as a starting point like coving and focal-point fireplaces. New builds can be a bit box-like but that does not mean you cannot do great things with them. There are also a lot of disadvantages to redecorating period properties like cracks and damp patches and wonky walls!’

What’s your biggest trend prediction for 2018?

‘Wallpaper. Large, colourful, patterned wallpaper on all walls. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms.’

Can you share some of your top decorating tips with us?

melanie lissack, interiors blogger's newly refurbished tv room with gold rim mirror, white shelving and blue hydrangea in a vase

Image: Melanie Lissack

‘Buy sugar soap wipes rather then the traditional sprays and a rag – it saves so much time and the end result is cleaner. Use tiny children’s paintbrushes to paint those small, difficult to reach areas. Use good quality pointed end brushes for painting perfect straight lines.’

What tips would you give to budding interior designers about getting into the industry?

‘Start a blog! My blog is my showcase for what I do in my home and in the home of others and acts as an online portfolio. Be prepared to work hard, learn on the job and make mistakes.’

Why is Revamp Restyle Reveal such a great campaign to get involved in?

‘It’s amazing! It really is something that everyone can get involved in by tagging their #revamprestylereveal, no matter how big or small. I’ve had so much engagement from people following on social media – it’s lovely knowing that people are enjoying watching the room transformation. It’s also great for the sponsors as it showcases their products in real home environments.’


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