stone grey three seater sofa in biege and white decor living room with copper floor lamp

Before and After: Interiors blogger and designer, Bianca Hall’s TV room makeover

June 7, 2018

French for Pineapple blogger, Bianca Hall, updated her TV room for Revamp Restyle Reveal, decorating with textured wallpaper and calming colours for a neutral-themed makeover.

stone grey three seater sofa in biege and white decor living room with copper floor lamp

Image: Bianca Hall

Designer, interiors blogger and Revamp Restyle Reveal co-host, Bianca Hall, challenged herself and nine bloggers to renovate a room of their choice over the course of four weeks. Bianca decided that it was time to give her TV room an update, freshening her decorating scheme with inviting taupe and olive shades, playing with different textures to make the most of her space. 

We sat down for a chat with Bianca to find out what inspired her calming and cosy colour scheme, how she reworked the awkward space, and got the intel on her biggest trend prediction for 2018.   

Talk us through the concept featured in your revamped room.

‘I decided to take on my TV room this season, even though it was ‘done’ not that long ago, I was sick of the colour and the floor plan wasn’t making the most of the space, so I wanted to lighten up the colour, but keep it cosy and inviting by bringing in lots of texture via wallpaper and textiles.’

Talk us through the before and after.

tv room with beige walls olive green tv unit monochrome rug and window

Image: Bianca Hall

‘It’s a pretty dramatic change! The old colour was starting to feel quite dreary to me, so the much lighter, neutral walls brighten the room immeasurably.

Now we’re making better use of the space the room feels twice the size and we’re already using it loads more. I’ve kept the decoration quite sparse, but the textured wallpaper, the decorative moulding on the sideboard, and rug and the fabrics of the sofa and cushions, make it feel so inviting.’

What design elements have inspired it?

biege and white decorated tv room with olive green tv unit

Image: Bianca Hall

‘I took inspiration from the panelling that I added about a year and a half ago, and echoed it on the sideboard doors. I chose the green on the sideboard to compliment the green undertones in the wallpaper, and to break up the otherwise neutral scheme.

The rest flowed naturally from the pale paint choice for the walls (Marbles by Earthborn) as I knew I wanted to keep the room relatively neutral to create a really calm yet welcoming space.’

What, if anything, did you make yourself?

bianca hall interior blogger and interior designer

Image: Bianca Hall

‘I did all the painting and wallpapering and added the moulding to the sideboard and painted that. It’s taken it from basic Ikea, to a much more interesting piece, but still gives us loads of storage which every room needs!’

What do you think is important to consider when decorating a room like this room?

‘It’s a long narrow room, and I’d previously made a mistake with the floor plan by essentially cutting the room in half when placing the TV low on the wall between the windows, which didn’t work at all and it was also an ugly sight to see when entering the room. The floor plan is always really important in any room, but even more so with odd shaped rooms.’

What key interiors pieces do you think make the room and where are they from?

stone grey three seater sofa in biege and white decor living room with copper floor lamp

Image: Bianca Hall

‘The lovely Collins sofa from Maisons du Monde fits the space perfectly and the Capas wallpaper from Harlequin adds interest and texture in a subtle way, whilst the incredible Liquid lamps from David Hunt Lighting, are real showstoppers and balance out the 55” Sony TV from

The Berber style rug also from Maisions du Monde stops the room from feeling too formal, and the large round Catherine mirror from Cotswold Company add a further layer to the room and brings even more light into the space.

And crucially, when you enter the room you’re no longer greeted with two ugly painted radiators under the windows, but the lovely Colosseum radiators from instead!’

What do you think makes a house a home?

‘Well, aside from the people, making choices that are for you and your family and no one else is so important. Pick pieces that really speak to you and that you love, and then you cant’ go wrong!’

What are the main advantages of redecorating a period property over a new build?

‘I’m not sure there are any! Whilst period properties have the character and history, they are also often wonky walled, wonky floored with old plaster and recurring cracks.

I think it’d always easier to achieve a grander look in a period property, but I’m certainly not adverse to the right kind of new build either!’

What’s your biggest trend prediction for 2018?

‘Warm pale neutrals are going to make a huge comeback. People will tire of the dark colours that we’ve been seeing so much of, and we’ll see a big return to light bright spaces, punctuated with muted pastels.’

Can you share some of your top decorating tips with us?

‘Don’t be afraid of changing the colour of your walls. It’s just paint and it’s the most affordable way to completely transform a room. Find what works for you – I hate big rollers so use a ‘jumbo mini roller’ which I find so much lighter and easier on the wrists and easier to control.

I also never start decorating without a good quality angled paintbrush for cutting in, window frames and doors. I find taping windows prior to painting is pointless, and much prefer to scrape any excess paint off with a paint scraper, cutting around it first with a blade to get a nice clean line.’

What tips would you give to budding interior designers about getting into the industry?

‘To quote Anthony Burrill, “work hard and be nice to people”. And if you’re not genuinely passionate don’t bother, it will show and you will not succeed.’

Why is Revamp Restyle Reveal such a great campaign to get involved in?

‘It’s such a fun project and the bloggers are not only genuinely passionate, but they’re all so talented too. So much creativity and hard graft has gone into revamping all the spaces!

It’s super hard work, but we also have a great rapport and really bond over the four weeks too, and Lisa and I are so proud of what everyone has done. From a brands’ perspective, it’s a great way to have their products showcased in interiors blogger homes, covering a variety of styles.’


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