Number five interiors blog's Revamp Restyle Reveal living room with bookcase and cupboard with books and home accessories

Before and After: Inside Number Five Interiors blogger’s living room makeover

May 18, 2018

Number Five Interiors blogger, Jade Wilce, updated her living room for Revamp Restyle Reveal, and we got the lowdown on how she styled her Instagram-influenced makeover

Number five interiors blog's Revamp Restyle Reveal living room with bookcase and cupboard with books and home accessories

Image: Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors

Blogger Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors took part in the Instagram styling project #revamprestylereveal, where she updated her living room alongside 9 other bloggers.

We sat down with her to find out how she transformed the space in such a short space of time and the inspiraton behind the makeover.

Number Five Interiors blogger Jade Wilce's living room before the makeover

Image: The living room before, Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors

Talk us through the concept featured in your revamped room?

My RRR project is an update of my lounge/tv room, it’s the area in the house we head to after all the daily chores have been completed, where we chill and watch the latest box set or film. It’s our chill out space and mini sanctuary.

The room was previously painted in a deep blue, heavily influenced by Instagram rather than what I loved.

There was a real lack of storage, with only freestanding furniture here and there alongside a lack of a cohesive design. I wanted a lounge that was inkeeping with the rest of the home, with more of a luxe feel.

Talk us through the before and after.

This room really lacked storage, there was only freestanding furniture in the room. My husband built the alcove cupboards so we could hide things away in the cupboard but also display all the beautiful things in my home on the shelves.

I am obsessed with scandi blush tones, they are peppered throughout my home and the before room was really lacking in those tones and just didn’t have a cohesive fit with the rest of the house.

I used Earthborn’s Cupcake (a muted pink) on the walls and amped up the luxe with gorgeous statement walls featuring Harlequin’s Sumi wallpaper.

To add a touch of Palm Springs circa 1970 I painted the back of the alcoves a muted orange tone (Earthborn’s Freckle) which looks amazing next to the blush pink.

More luxe has been added with statement accessories; including lots of brass oddities and faux plants. A statement rug and light finishes the whole room off. I’m a real statement girl so every room in my home needs one.

living room with blush pink, blue, gold and yellow decor by jade wilce from number five interiors blog

Image: The living room makeover, Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors

What design elements have inspired it?

I’ve always been inspired by scandiavian simple style, using beautiful tones to make a room look bigger and brighter so to have a scandi tone in the room but I wanted to pair it with some ochre, terracotta as a nod to all things 1970s palm springs.

I am also so obsessed with textures and Moroccan style will always be my go to for adding texture and pattern in any room.

What, if anything, did you make yourself?

Close up of alcove shelving with home accessories and plants in the living room of number five interiors blogger, Jade Wilce, for revamp restyle reveal instagram makeover project

Image: Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors

Admittedly I did not create them, but my husband built the alcoves and he did such a great job!

Our house is relatively old, so with its crooked walls it was no easy feat to get two alcove cupboards either side of the chimneybreast!

What do you think is important to consider when decorating a room like this room?

The use of the room is so important, how much time you spend in a room, what you do in the room and how you use it. Its also really important to think about light too; I didn’t like the previous room because I didn’t think about light – it was dark blue and only got light in the evening so felt very dull and oppressive.

You must also think about making sure the room is yours and how you will add your personality in a room. It’s your home and important that rooms show this.

What key interiors pieces do you think make the room and where are they from?

An assortment of stylish home accessories from blogger, Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors' living room for the Revamp Restyle Reveal Instagram makeover project

Image: Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors

The statement light from David Hunt is just a beautiful piece of British craftsmanship, and I feel very lucky that I have a light from such a wonderful brand in my home.

It’s a wow piece and my neighbours have commented on it as they can see it through the front window! The alcove shelving is really important to hide all the bits and bobs from daily life away, but also so I can show displays of all my wonderful things from my home.

The statement wall – a gorgeous wallpaper from Harlequin and Style Library also makes a statement and ties in the beautiful David Hunt light too. I love it all really, can I say that?

What do you think makes a house a home?

Personality, is so important. With the world being over influenced by platforms such as Instagram it is so important that your home isn’t a replication of something you’ve seen on a screen.

Whilst you can find things an inspiration I think it is so important that a home reflects the people that live in it. Whether you have a collection of brass oddities and animals (guilty!) a book or record collection to be proud of make sure you show off you!

What’s your biggest trend prediction for 2018?

Boho style is going nowhere; we have grown accustom to beautiful textures in our home and for 2018 it’s been elevated with a touch of the Balearic magic.

We have the beauty of the White Isle to thank for beautiful boho textures, tufts and pompoms in sunset colours; think wonderful peach, lilac, blush pink and orange tones.

Accent these with sun bleached natural textures, rattan and gorgeous brass on top of layers and layers of white to make those natural tones sing. Add handcrafted ceramics in a sunset rainbow, lots of cacti, wall hangings, layers of blankets and sumptuous rugs underfoot for that Ibiza magic at home.

Can you share some of your top decorating tips with us?

My top tip to make a room feel bigger is to paint the skirting board and coving the same colour as the wall. It will make a room instantly feel bigger with ceiling height being taken up.

I also like to hide things like doors and radiators by painting them the same colour as the walls so it seems all one and making rooms seem wider.

What tips would you give to budding interior designers about getting into the industry?

I am totally self taught, had no formal training but all I do is have fun, I find inspiration from here, there and everywhere and add things into my home.

I love my home so much, so it’s important that I have a wonderful space that I love and enjoy – that’s all interior design customers want to.

Networking is also really important, have conversations with people on Instagram, talk to independent stores who have wonderful ideas and are creating fantastic products and always, make a room fun!

Why is Revamp Restyle Reveal such a great campaign to get involved in?

The sponsors have been absolutely fantastic, I’ve enjoyed working with everyone and I feel very lucky to have such wonderful new products in my home thanks to our sponsors.

Our wonderful followers who have been our cheerleaders throughout and a source of help too; and have helped me pick colours and bits and bobs and finally my Revamp Restyle Reveal fellow bloggers, we’ve laughed and cried together, they are a fantastic bunch of wonderful people, so talented and just wonderful human beings.

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