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The UK’s top interior designers according to online searches

Thousands of us are firing up our search engines to find out more about the best interior designers in the UK, but who tops the charts when it comes to ‘Googleability’?

It’s London-based interior designer Kelly Hoppen. The designer and former Dragon’s Den ‘dragon’ – famous for her classic east-meets-west style and love of all things taupe – pulls in more than 20,000 searches a month on average.

The second most popular interior designer in the UK is Philippe Starck. Known for his eclectic hotel interiors, Starck rakes in 12,100 searches a month -that’s nearly double the average number of internet searches (6,650) for the UK’s top 10 designers.

The study, by Design Bundles, analysed data to discover the UK’s best interior designers in terms of online searches. It also ranked the top interior designers by their Instagram followers and earnings, to find the hottest social media star among them.

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The Queer Eye star, Bobby Berk has the third-highest average searches at 6,600 every month. In fourth place is Rose Uniacke, Victoria Beckham’s interior designer, at 4,400 searches, while celebrity couple Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus were close behind with 3,600 searches.

‘When you look at search data, it’s fascinating to see who comes up as the UK’s most in-demand interior designers,’ said a spokesperson for Design Bundles, which commissioned the research.

‘While there are a few iconic British favourites – Kelly Hoppen and Nina Campbell – the presence of designers such as Starck, LaPlace and Bobby Berk shows our affinity with the continent, as well as the strength of the American influence.’


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The UK’s most ‘Googled’ interior designers

The top 10 interior designers in the UK, according to the average number of internet searches per month, are as follows:

  1. Kelly Hoppen: 22,200
  2. Philippe Starck: 12,100
  3. Bobby Berk: 6,600
  4. Rose Uniacke: 4,400
  5. Jeremiah Brent: 3,600
  6. Kit Kemp: 3,600
  7. Kelly Wearstler: 3,600
  8. Nate Berkus: 3,600
  9. LaPlace: 2,900
  10. Nina Campbell: 2,900

When it comes to social media, Bobby Berk has the biggest Instagram following at 2.8 million. The American interior design guru commands an estimated £5,413 per sponsored post – more than triple the average Instagram earnings of all 10 designers.

Celebrity designer Kelly Wearstler, who designed the homes of Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani, has the next highest number of Instagram followers at 1.6 million. Wearstler rakes in an estimated £3,175.85 per post.

And while married designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have the same number of Google searches, Jeremiah has a higher Instagram engagement rate (2.27% to Nate’s 1.39%) and makes around £2,205 per sponsored post.


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The UK’s best-paid interior designers on Instagram

The UK’s top ten interior designers (ranked by their Instagram followers and earnings per sponsored post) are as follows:

  1. Bobby Berk: 2.8m | £5,413
  2. Kelly Wearstler: 1.6m | £3,175
  3. Jeremiah Brent: 773k | £2,219
  4. Nate Berkus: 1.1m | £2,165
  5. Philippe Starck: 273k | £783
  6. Kelly Hoppen: 271k | £775
  7. Rose Uniacke: 122k | £348
  8. Kit Kemp: 80.3k | £307
  9. Nina Campbell: 59.7k | £226
  10. Laplace: 41.9k | £203

For more on Design Bundles, which offers high quality premium design resources and a marketplace for graphic designers to register and sell their products, see designbundles.net 

Search data was gathered from SEMrush. Instagram data was gathered from the Influencer Marketing Hub

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