floral bedset concrete bedroom - 6 styling tips for taking the perfect interiors Instagram shot - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

6 styling tips for taking the perfect interiors Instagram shot

August 18, 2020

Work on your styling and photography skills to get that perfect Instagram shot of your home.

floral bedset concrete bedroom - 6 styling tips for taking the perfect interiors Instagram shot - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: The French Bedroom Company

Taking the perfect Instagram shot of your home can be tricky. Follow our top styling tips and photography pointers that will help you nail it on the first go.

Play with height

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To stop your picture looking flat, try and play with different heights to keep the eye moving across the image. Taking a shot from a higher angle will offer a new and interesting perspective, but make sure there are things to look at in all aspects of the frame.

Let it flow

Another way to add a feeling of depth to your Instagram shots is by offering a hint of what’s beyond the room. Taking a picture with the door open peeking into another room not only shows off more of your home and keeps your followers wanting to see more, it will help create a more engaging shot.

Experiment with light

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I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get a disco ball. It’s pure magic in here. ??. On another note-I didn’t want to admit that the green leather chairs I originally bought for this nook were too big because I loved them so much. But I found these cane chairs on Letgo and haven’t looked back ? they fit this space so much better. • • • • • #mystyleddomain #kitchennook #discoball #aabhome #peepmypad #mymodernlook #myaestheticabode #mybohoabode #pocketofmyhome #beautifullyboho #mykindredabode #thenewbohemians #thedelightofdecor #modernboheme #ispymoderndiy #thriftedhome #itsallmodern #homesohard #mydecorhaven #currenthomeview #mixerofstyles #doingneutralright #ispyraddesign #myinterioroasis #decoronthegrid #ikeaatmine #mydiyhome #mythriftedhome #apartmenttherapy @apartmenttherapy @hunkerhome @bhglivebetter

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Playing with light can change the entire aeshtetic and vibe of a particular room. Jazz up your Instagram feed by using different lighting techniques, such as making the most out of ‘golden hour’ – which will bring a warm glow to your home. Or, use props such as a disco ball to reflect beads of light around a room for a truly striking shot.

Perfectly imperfect

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Some of you guessed it right! Here is the third room in my trilogy of styling 3 rooms with the same accessories in different ways ??? (If you missed it, look back at my last two posts you’ll see what I’m referring to) _ It’s been a fun challenge from @madedotcom to show you how you can create different looks using the same objects just by tweaking the look a bit to suit each space. _ One thing I always do when styling a room is I set aside a few items that compliment the colour scheme in varying shades. Another tip is to use black to offset the scheme, it grounds the colours around it and also makes a statement. Don’t be afraid to shop your home either, it allows you to mix each room up when you’ve moved a few accessories around. And lastly just have fun with it, as long as it looks good to you, there are no real rules! _ So tell me which of the 3 spaces is your favourite? I hope you all have a great Saturday and hope you are all keeping safe ? #madedesign . . . . [Accessories from @madedotcom include: Kae Concrete Lamp, Grove Bedspread (Stone), Arla Abstract Knots prints, Indi Earthenware Planter. Post contains some items from previous collabs. Tap for tags]

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When styling the perfect Instagram shot, make sure to keep things looking natural and ‘lived in’ so it is relatable and looks like a real home. Take inspiration from @design_at_nineteen and use props such as shoes and unhung pictures to make your shot look imperfect but still perfectly styled.

Nail your shelfie

Everyone loves a #shelfie and they make for a super stylish Instagram shot. Keep to a cohesive colour palette for a well-put together look and be sure to display some of your favourite items to express your personal style and taste.

The rule of three

According to interior designer Kelly Hoppen, if you group things in threes it will look stylish and put together. Keep this in mind when styling your Instagram shots. Focus on three key items, whether it be furniture or accessories and let them truly shine.



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