living room with white wood flooring -

How to prepare to lay new flooring in your home

March 18, 2020

Laying new flooring may be a big job, but it’s achievable over just a few days if you put in the prep work.

 living room with white wood flooring -

Image: UK Flooring Direct  

Whether it’s the upcoming Easter break, or you’ve just found yourself with a bit more time spent at home than you ever anticipated, now’s a great time to turn your head to those DIY projects that you’ve been meaning to do.

Laying new flooring may seem like a colossal task, but with ever improving click fitting, it’s well within the wheelhouse of many home DIYers.

If you’re planning to set aside some time to lay new flooring, UK Flooring Direct gave us the lowdown on how to prepare in order to succeed with your project.

Order samples

Finding a floor that you like online is a start, but no sure way to find out exactly how it will look in your home. Make use of sampling services so that you can see how the floor will look in your home’s light. You can also use a sample as part of your moodboard to see how it compares to the rest of the finishes in your room.

Measure up 

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Image: UK Flooring Direct 

There’s no need to ‘guesstimate’ your flooring requirements and end up with too little, hence living with a half-finished floor for some time, or too much flooring for your project, which can be a nightmare if you’re trying to DIY on a budget.

Find a guide to measuring up your floor perfectly in UK Flooring Direct’s Find Your Floor brochure.

Order in advance

Leave plenty of time to prepare, order and receive your flooring – now’s a great tme to starting thinking about an Easter long weekend project!

Laminate and luxury vinyl tile flooring will need 48 hours in your home to acclimatise, while engineered wood flooring will need 7 days before fitting, so get your order in by early April, depending on shipping times.

Clear the space

dining room with wooden flooring -

Image: UK Flooring Direct 

Clearing your furniture from the room and lifting the old floor can be time-consuming, so for an Easter weekend project, try to prepare this the weekend before if possible. It will also give you a chance to look at the subfloor, check it’s level and even and find out whether you need to do any work to it ahead of laying your flooring.


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