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DIY flooring: 5 budget projects that actually work

February 17, 2020

Dyeing your carpet is the latest viral trend, but with the experts warning against it, we look at the smartest ways to give your flooring an overhaul that actually work.

firework blue carpet in living room -

Image: Lifestyle Floors 

Last week, a contributor to a Facebook page called DIY on a Budget went viral thanks to her £5 hack to change the colour of her carpets from beige to grey using a pack of Dylon fabric dye. However, since then other homeowners have tried her technique and failed, ruining their carpets in the process.

Dylon also weighed in to explain why dyeing your carpet isn’t the best idea in reality. Rebecca Bland, Senior Brand Manager at Dylon Dyes, comments: “Fabric dye pods are only to be used in a front loading automatic washing machine, they cannot be used by hand or painted onto fabric. The machine dyes are not suitable for wool and nylon, from which carpets are most commonly produced, as such materials cannot be recoloured with the use of domestic dyes. It’s important to note that carpets are often treated with a special finish to increase lifespan and prevent staining, which also means it cannot be dyed.”

Carpet dyeing is something that can be achieved professionally if your carpet is in good order, however, there are plenty of inspiring DIY projects out there for flooring which do actually work. We;ve rounded up 5 of the latest and greatest.

Painting lino

Lino is a really inexpensive flooring option, but you may find it can be a little plain and lacks character. We love this idea, painted freehand, to bring a bit of your own signature style to the space Like Rachael Haven Handmade has.

Customise penny tiles

This DIY hack has been a big trend in recent years. Take sheets of mosaic penny tiles and cut out a message in a contrast colour before adhering to the floor and grouting. Go for an affirmative, optimistic message like Lust Living to start your day right.

Floor stencils

Stencils can be used on floor boards or plain tiles, giving the look of Victorian-style flooring on a budget if you have a little patience. The Dizzy Duck Designs stencil range has a lot of options to choose from.

DIY painted rug

Designer Lucy Tiffney painted an IKEA sissal rug with hardwearing masonry paint to create a stunning statement design.

Self-adhesive floor tiles

In her rented home, Emma Jane Palin used self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles from B&Q to replace a previously carpetted floor.


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