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Top 10 dessert trends for 2022

Sweet tooth? Check out Good Homes’ guide to the biggest dessert trends for 2022…

It’s no surprise that 2022 is set to be a huge year for our sweet tooth. After two years of banana bread, dalgana coffee and other mouthwatering delights, it’s time to graduate into a new era of desserts.

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1. Gravity defying cakes

No longer will simple cakes cut the mustard according to the Pinterest 2022 Trend prediction report. We’ll be challenging ourselves to unleash our inner Bake Off contestant and create cakes that not only taste fantastic, but also suspend as if from space. Searches for these are up by 70% so it’s likely they’ll already be on your radar.

2. Bubble cakes

If gravity defying cakes have you flummoxed, try adding bubbles into the equation! But what is a bubble cake? Searches for the term on Pinterest are up 55%, which is a cake featuring gelatin bubble toppers. They’re relatively simple to make, but require plenty of drying time, so ensure you plan ahead to cure them 24 hours before using on the cake. They make quirky decorations for cakes though, and can be made in all different colours to dazzling effects.

Find out how to make gelatin bubbles in this handy video…

3. 3D Cakes

Bring your favourite characters, animals and scenes to life through baking with this lifelike dessert trend. As baking skills improve, so does the expectations so it seems with Pinterest reporting 60% increase on searches for these specially designed cakes. If the incredible lifelike models displayed at the Cake and Bake Show 2021 were anything to go by, this is definitely a trend we’ll be following closely!

4. Drip cakes

These have been on the fringe of the dessert scene for a while, and always add a luxe effect to a celebration. Tipped to be a huge trend in the UK, everything from pink gin drip cakes to classic chocolate drip cakes is trending on social media. The benefit of these is they can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, once you’ve got the drip technique of course.

Find out how to create drip cakes in this handy tutorial…

5. Jelly art cake

Jelly might seem like a rather retro dessert, but it’s trending once again! This time though, it’s taken on a more sophisticated guise as jelly art cake. Jelly moulds are a big part of the dessert trend forecast for 2022. Whether you choose to make a cake made partially of jelly, or limit it to quirky decorations is up to you. But the combo of jelly and cake is bound to bring back nostalgic memories!

6. Checkered desserts

Think Battenberg, marble cake and other classic favourites! As a Pinterest predicts trend that transcends across fashion, interiors, beauty and even desserts, checkers is set to be everywhere in 2022. So polish off a Mr Kipling favourite for your afternoon tea party, and get practising your marble technique.

7. High tea

The popularity of period dramas Bridgerton, Downton Abbey, The Crown and the The Gilded Age proves our fascination with classic British traditions, and high tea is one of the finer ones. With the Platinum Jubilee approaching in 2022, it’s the perfect opportunity to dust off your tea set and get making sandwiches and baking scones and cupcakes. Along with high tea food ideas (which has four times as many searches as this time last year), vintage tea party is up 70% on searches and tea party aesthetic has had twice as many hits as January 2021.

8. Dessert boards

A sharing starter platter is something we’re all familiar with, but what about a smorgasbord of desserts? Think puddings in miniature form, candies, cookies, cakes, macaroons, fresh fruit – with everyone encouraged to tuck in! Execution can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. It’s set to be a hugely popular trend for weddings, baby showers and every brunch restaurant worth visiting.

9. Spicy sweet stuff

Innovation always means testing the boundaries, and this trend promises an extra kick from desserts. Intensify the sensorial experience with bold and spicy flavours fused into your favourite sweet treats. Flavour considerations for these include cayenne, chipotle anise, rosemary, black pepper and smoky. This really will crank up the desserts to the next level!


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10. Coffee and tea infusions

Not only will we be bringing spices into the sweet realm, but teas and coffees too! No longer will they be beverages to enjoy alongside a dessert but part of the creation itself. While we’re no stranger to coffee cake, these are more specific variations, with latte, mocha, lemon, floral and chai all being up there with the popular offerings.


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