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Top 10 dessert trends for 2021

We take a look at the biggest trends in desserts, treats and puddings that will be satisfying your sweet tooth in the coming year.

Baileys Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Image: Baileys

This year, Baileys has served up its second Treat Report, curated with top global treat makers and lovers, looking at the delicious trends destined to take off in 2021.

Last year, we joined them for an indulgent evening hosted by Claudia Winkleman and looked into the crystal ball of treating, along with experimental gastronomy studio Kitchen Theory, Pinterest and bespoke bakery, Lily Vanilli and Great British Bake Off’s Benjamina Ebuehi.

In 2020, more than ever, treating played an important role in our everyday lives, giving us moments of sweet indulgence at home and connecting us with friends over shared recipes, whether in person, or over Zoom.

Pinterest, the visual discovery engine, delved into search trends through 2020 to show how treating changed as home baking, quarantini cocktails and a banana bread bonanza took over. Despite all the home baking, the real treating winner of 2020 was Dalgona Whipped Coffee, with close to 300,000% increase in searches.

This year the Baileys team worked with leading food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye to capture the most exciting insights from the global treating industry, forecasting delicious trends set to influence treating culture next year.

1. Going oat oat


Image: Baileys

Whether you’re blitzing them into your breakfast smoothie, creating Acai bowls, cupping your oat lattes in the cold, or fuelling yourself with a flapjack on-the-go, oats have certainly taken on a decadent makeover this year. Oat-based milk chocolates, ice-creams, yoghurts and even double cream are coming our way and we can’t wait. And to kickstart the ‘new-year-new-me’, veganuary vibes, oats are gluten-free, sustainable and a locally-grown cereal.

2. Cacao-loco

Know the difference between your cocoa and your cacao? Cacao pulp, the bit you don’t see as it’s generally discarded when making chocolate, is a sweet and fruity flesh. You can also expect to see it as a flavourful alternative to coconut water, topped with eye catching edible flowers for the perfect non-alcoholic refresher.

3. Asian eats

Baileys Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Image: Baileys

Japan is a haven for whimsical treats that will put a smile on your face and we’ll be seeing a massive influx in towering treats including giant fluffy cheesecakes and wobbly, fat, pillow-like pancakes that can be topped with fruit, creme patissiere or powdered sugar. Post-brunch nap incoming! But, if you’re like us and just need a pick-me-up after a weekend brunch of pancakes and coffee, the Taiyaki fish will give you the boost you need. These soft waffle-like, fish-shaped cones, stuffed to the gills with ice-cream, sprinkles and sauces are definitely the catch of the week.

4. Spread the love

Savoury spreads are getting a makeover as they turn into sweet treats. Add a touch of opulence to toast with lashings of Sloe Gin spreads and Champagne butters to turn your humble morning loaf into something of luxury.

5. Extra sweet(s)

Baileys Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Image: Baileys

They’ve been around for a few years, but in 2021, some classics get a gloriously adventurous treating make-over as the macaron and Danish pastry get an upgrade. Introducing the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nougat Crown, with all the muted tones and flavours getting set aside for over the top colour and tastes….. already building up a sizeable following in Los Angeles.

6. Gourmet glow-up

Edible algae that will find its way into our favourite cocktails, giving them an incredible other-worldly glow-in-the-dark appearance that will be hard to ignore. Forget the seaweed facemasks – will someone pass us a Glowtini?

7. As light as air

Baileys Whipped Air Cocktail

Image: Baileys

On the coattails of the whipped Dalgona coffee, this treating trend is only growing in popularity in 2021. Air will be whipped, injected and stuffed into everything from ice cream to candy floss, alleviating us from the heaviness of 2020 and giving a light texture that leaves us craving more.

8. Clashing combos

Here at Good Homes, we’ve been a big fan of clashing prints and interiors. But whilst we’re used to sweet and salty recipes, next year it’s ramping up into something even more indulgent and creative with ice cream fries, Danish dessert pizza, potato snacks covered in milk chocolate and caramel flavour to name but a few.

9. Moreish Mochi

Next year there’s going to be a mochi for everyone, from ice cream with a mochi textured top layer, mochi pancake mixes, mochi doughnuts and even savoury skewers of stuffed mochi balls all on the horizon.

10. Self-care sipping

Unsurprisingly, everyone has been indulging in a bit more self-care in 2020 and the self-care kick will continue. People will be indulging themselves in new botanical drinks that offer qualities like ‘calm’, ‘focus’, ‘glow’ and ‘rest’, and new fermented beverages like hop water; a non-alcoholic drink with a slight beer or ale taste, will be bigger than ever.

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