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Mark Wright shares expert tips on how to build your interior design business

March 18, 2021

Self-confessed plant dad and Essex entrepreneur reveals the key to successfully launching your interior design business

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During lockdown, some of us have got a bit more creative, learning a new skill and even turning our passions into a profession. From baking to crafting, fitness and fashion, social media has been swarmed with independent start-ups and side-hustles galore.

But, if you’re struggling for a sense of direction, and want to get the ball rolling for your brand, then footballer, presenter and reality TV star, Mark Wright has some pointers for you.

In partnership with Fiverr, the freelance services platform, he advises budding interior designer, Tersoo Maria Agera on how to amplify her company’s reach, whilst also demonstrating her creativity.

Choosing the right time

Tersoo and Mark on Zoom | Good Homes Magazine

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Timing is key when it comes to starting up a business. So whether you are adapting to the digital world, or offering personalised services, be sure to put in the hours and admin behind the scenes. By being super organised, you’ll be putting yourself in good stead and so – the only way is up!

Drawing upon his experience with his fitness app, Mark said:

‘I set up a business, called Train Wright, which came out of nowhere, I needed to wait for that moment. Business setup is so key when it comes to timing, and there needs to be the right prep.’

That is, before spotting Tersoo’s Tom Ford hardback book and noting that wife, model and actress Michelle Keegan also has the designer’s coffee table staple.

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Targeting your audience


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As an influencer, social media has been an integral part of Mark Wright’s successful career. From branded partnerships, to TOWIE titbits and delving into his DJing at Heart, it is only natural that this marketing channel would pop up when asked how to to deep dip into your demographic.

‘First and foremost, social media is incredible for any business. One thing I would like to be able to do is keep my Instagram, my social media to one thing, but unfortunately, I can’t. But for you this seems like it is your main passion. I would focus everything on interior design – things can just come off the fly. If you feel it – do it.’

Professional production is no longer necessary in a post-Covid world. Instead, celebrities and content creators are shooting on their smartphones. Mark spoke about his home gym experience, where he called upon his brother’s impromptu videography skills.

By shortening the workout content to one minute, and adding music into the final edit, Mark was able to post the content autonomously, without additional resource. He later found out that the social snippet was one of his most engaging posts. ‘You can see that I shot it, people loved it!’, he said.

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Embrace risk and enjoy it

Mark Wright video still, Fiverr | Good Homes Magazine

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In this interview, The Only Way is Essex star mentioned that he likes to be challenged everyday. So setting up a company was ‘the best buzz ever’ according to the athlete.

But whilst business may be stressful and sometimes go wrong, he reminds Tersoo to enjoy the journey and embrace the imperfect. By doing so, she will be able to value the good when things go to plan.

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Video: Fiverr

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