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10 of the biggest interior trends of the 2010s

December 20, 2019

As we enter a new decade, take a walk down memory lane as we look at 10 of the biggest interior trends from the last 10 years.

wooden furniture store industrial scheme - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Wooden Furniture Store 

As the 2010s draw to a close, how would you describe the interior style that’s defined the decade?

We sat down to consider which trends have been the most formative in our homes over the past 10 years, whether we’d still choose them today or not!

1. The industrial trend

The industrial trend really came into its own in the 2010s as a reaction to the sleek, polished interiors of the early Noughties. Salvaged furniture, reclaimed materials and upcycling was on everyone’s wishlist at the start of the decade, with a more-is-more approach to creating a realistic industrial scheme.

You know you’ve decorated a home in the 2010s if you’ve ever considered shelving made from reclaimed scaffold boards and pipes or brick-effect wallpaper!

Should you take it into 2020? Certain elements of the industrial style are certainly still en vogue, but rather than trying to give your home a warehouse-look, use furniture and furnishings with an authentic industrial feel to add texture to a wider, less-thematic scheme.

2. Mid-century style

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Image: Orla Kiely spot flower rug, Teppich 

Mid-century style had a revival in the early 2010s thanks to a boom in new companies selling reproductions of classic pieces. The likes of Cult Furniture, who were early leaders in this game, set up shop in 2010 in fact!

It also ushered in an obsession with geometric shapes which influenced everything from fabric design, wallpaper, tiles, carpet and more throughout the decade.

Should you take it into 2020? While intellectual copyright laws came into effect to stop retailers created copycats of signature retro designs within the decade, new furniture designs had already started to draw influence from mid-century style, and these continue to make up core ranges for lots of high street retailers.

3. Velvet

dfs yellow velvet sofa 2010s trend - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: DFS

At the start of the decade, velvet sofas were a retro throwback, and not necessarily in a good way! Now, almost every sofa retailer will have a velvet offering, and the trend has grown so that you’ll often find velvet styled up throughout the home, from cushions and bedheads to flocked accessories and wallpaper.

Should you take it into 2020? While traditionally velvet wasn’t seen as a durable option for busy family homes, the invention of easy clean Aquaclean velvet has made it a much more viable option, so we don’t expect to see it go anywhere any time soon.

4. Pink!

wren kitchens baby pink - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Wren Kitchens 

Colour is definitely one of the defining trends of the 2010s, and homeowners have become much more bold with their decorating styles in order to make their interior style Instagram-worthy – Instagram was actually first launched on the 6th October 2010!

No colour has made such a splash in the decade as blush pink. It entered the zeitgeist in 2016 with the advent of ‘Millenial Pink’ and now you’ll be hard pressed to find a collection that doesn’t feature a pink-based range, no matter whether it’s a autumn/winter or spring/summer range.

Should you take it into 2020? Benjamin Moore named a shade of pink as it’s Colour of the Year for 2020, so it’s clear pink is going to be a firm favourite for a few more years at least.

5. Accent walls

graham and brown wallpaper feature wall trend 2010s - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Graham & Brown 

In the 2010s, wallpaper had a major revival, and at the start of the decade, it was all about the feature wall. One wall took the brunt of pattern or an accent colour for a manageable, easily palatable way to bring a statement to the space.

Should you take it into 2020? Feature walls have fallen out of favour with interior designers in recent years, as more-is-more maximalism has become a growing trend. However, trends are always cyclical, so we’re expecting a boom in feature wall ideas in the next few years. On the flip side, oversized wall murals have become one of the big wallcovering trends in recent years!

6. Gold and copper 

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atkin and thyme brass sideboard 2010s trends - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Atkin & Thyme 

10 years ago, chrome ruled the roost of metallic finishes – but how things have changed. Brass and golden finishes are now on everything from furniture to bathroom taps, lighting to wall tiles. Once viewed as a bit ‘bling-y’, gold has become one of the biggest enduring trends of the 2010s.

Copper rode in on the shoulders of the industrial trend via reclaimed copper piping, but has since become a huge trend in interiors outside of this first incarnation.

Should you take it into 2020? Chrome finishes are still the go-to for most bathrooms and kitchen fixtures, however, brass and copper will continue to make for a statement finish for those bold enough to choose it.

7. Patterned floor tiles

topps tiles amberley bathroom pattern - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Topps Tiles 

If you’ve renovated a bathroom in the 2010s, you won’t have missed the trend for black and white patterned floor tiles. From modern geometrics to heritage-inspired designs, the big trend in patterned floor tiles marked a move for bathrooms to become less blank white boxes and more an expressive spaces in our homes.

Should you take it into 2020? Patterned floor tiles continue to be popular, but moving forward will incorporate other trends in tiles too. Take a look at our trend predictions for bathroom tiles in 2020.

8. Grey and yellow

cult furniture grey and yellow trend - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Cult Furniture 

If you were looking for a safe but invigorating colour combination in the 2010s, grey and yellow was undoubtedly the one. Inspired by the trend for mid-century style, yellow made for a vibrant accent to grey – the go-to neutral shade for the majority of the decade.

Should you take it into 2020? After 10 years of grey reigning supreme, new neutral shades have risen up in its place. Why not try Oatmeal as a replacement for grey when decorating in 2020.

9. Slogans and typography

neon light lights4fun slogan - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Lights4fun

As our homes became greater expressions of our own thoughts, feelings and personalities more than ever before, graphic slogan prints and typographical artworks became the order of the 2010s. When it comes to slogan homewares, you’re likely to be on one of two sides: sweet, pure aspirational quotes or quirky, funny slogans,

This trend has taken part in and inspired a whole lot of other trends that dominated in the 2010s – think gallery walls and neon signs as just two examples.

Should you take it into 2020? Live Laugh Love can stay in the 2010s, but we’re happy for the rest to come with us into the next decade.

10. Houseplants

sainsburys home loft living house plants - 2010s trends - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Sainsbury’s Home

House plants are, of course, nothing new, but in the 2010s they became more-loved than ever by a growing generation of plant parents. Is it because we’re looking to re-connect with nature in urban environments? That house plants are thought to contribute to a greater sense ‘wellness’ that’s blossomed with awareness about our mental health? Or maybe it’s just our obsession with posting photos of Instagrammable house plants on social media? We’ll let you decide!

Tropical plants have been the biggest trend of the decade, with the likes of Monstera plants and palm leaves being huge motifs in interiors too.

Should you take it into 2020? When it comes to houseplants, the more the merrier!


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