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How to host a Bonfire Night party

October 25, 2019

Bonfire Night is becoming more and more of an occasion to celebrate as the years go by and we love the idea of hosting a cosy gathering with great food and great company alike. We’ve put our top tips for being the perfect host below…

1. Create a cosy nook

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Image: Garden Trading

A Bonfire Night gathering has to have that element of cosiness and warmth. If you’re watching fireworks or have sparklers, you’ll be out in the garden, so it’s important to create a welcoming space where guests will want to be.

We love this idea of  hay bales for people to sit on, covered in blankets and surrounded by fairylights. It’s also a good idea to put a fire in the middle of your seating area for everyone to keep warm – you could even toast marshmallows on it.

2. Mouth-watering snacks

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Image: Pexels

No successful gathering is complete without a flurry of delicious snacks. Get inspired by the folks over the pond and whip up some s’mores. If you’re not familiar, they consist of layering biscuits, a slab of chocolate and popping a gooey marshmallow in the middle – yum!

Other snacks we’d recommend would be a big bowl of fresh nachos, perfect for sharing! Or, if you’re thinking of doing something more substantial, a bowl of heart-warming chilli is always a winner.

3. Don’t forget the sparklers!

sparklers unsplash opener - how to host bonfire night - inspiration -

Image: Unsplash

Before you commence your firework display, it’s always a good idea to get people in the mood with sparklers. They not only look great, but you can get some amazing pictures and memories with them. We love these star sparklers from Waitrose for just £5 per pack.

4. Cracking cocktails

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Image: Jennifer Schmidt

If it’s an grown-up gathering and you’re going for more of a party vibe, then firework-themed cocktails are a must!

5. Be a firestarter

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Image: B&Q

One of the key elements of Bonfire Night, has to be a bonfire! If you’re not up for going the whole hog and burning a replica of Guy Fawkes, then a standard firepit will definitely do the job to warm up your guests.

This simple three-legged firepit from B&Q is a bargain at £57


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