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Essential security tips when posting your home on Instagram

September 30, 2019

Almost half of Instagram users post photos of their homes online, but by doing so you could be offering up burglars sensitive information.

phone with bedroom image on instagram - news -

Image: Jaelynn Castillo

Whether you’ve dedicated your Instagram account to your own unique home interiors, or simply post a few personal photos around the house, new research is warning that you are giving would-be burglars a ‘shop window’ into your home.

The study, conducted by British window and door brand Origin, found that almost half of Instagram users post images of their home on the popular social media network, and looked at hundreds of images to find the most common areas where Instagrammers are putting their home’s security at risk.

Home technology

Jade media unit from Atkin & Thyme -

Image: Jade media unit from Atkin & Thyme

The living room is the space most commonly shared on a user’s Instagram profile; however, it also contains many of the home’s most expensive investment pieces. From televisions to sound systems, try to keep your home’s technology off of your feed.

Access points

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Image: B&Q

By sharing images of your home’s entry points, you’re sharing information burglars could use to gain access to your home. The study looked at images of hallways that showed keys by the front door, as well as where doors and windows could be assessed to be a security risk.

Location of valuables

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Image: Noa & Nani

The master bedroom is the second most Instagrammed room in the house, but it’s also the room that burglars are most likely to target for jewellery, cash and other valuables. When sharing images or video from your bedroom, be conscious of revealing the location of these objects.


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Image: Avery Evans 

Adding a location tag (or geo-tag) is a great way for like-minded interiors enthusiasts in the same area to discover your account, but it does come with security risks. Keep locations vague when using geo-tagging to prevent potential thieves from pinpointing your property.


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