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How to DIY the expanding foam mirror trending on Instagram

We’ve spotted this crafty home project all over the ‘gram. Discover what it’s all about and get top tips on how to try it.

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Image: Mette Jakobsen for Monsters Circus

Have you spotted any home accessories made from expanding foam on Instagram of late? Here at Good Homes, we’ve seen them cropping up all over the place, so we thought we’d take the time to get to the bottom of this trending DIY project for the home.

We think it might be a love it or hate it sort of project, but we’ve spotted them in homes of all different styles – from colourful and maximalist to cool and minimalist, and we’ve collected some of our favourite Insta examples to inspire you.


What is expanding foam?

Expanding foam is a a commonly used DIY supply that you can pick up in pretty much any DIY store. It’s generally used for filling large gaps or holes in walls where filler just wouldn’t cut it, and usually comes with an application nozzle to aid more precise application.

It’s a sprayable foam which sets rock hard while still staying lightweight. It can also be painted, which offers you a great canvas for getting creative with colour as a DIY material.

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How to make an expanding foam mirror

The most common DIY project we’re seeing at the moment on Instagram is the expanding foam mirror. It’s not a new idea by any means, but one that seems to be picking up steam thanks to some influential accounts discovering the idea.

In our hunt for the best tutorial to make an expanding foam mirror online, we came across this step-by-step project by Mette from Monsters Circus – not only a super helpful guide, but you can’t help but love Mette’s beautiful styling of her designs.


Top tips for working with expanding foam

There are plenty of other projects you can create with expanding foam, but it’s undoubtedly a material that if you’ve not used before will require some trial and error.

We asked Amy and Judy Ellerby, the mother and daughter duo behind the home accessories shop Foam Home, for their top tips on getting to grips with expanding foam.

  1. The foam is almost impossible to remove from surfaces it touches so make sure you wear gloves, cover surfaces and use old clothes or an apron.
  2. Clean out the foam spray tube immediately after you have used it as it is more difficult to do it later – we use a straw cleaner and a small bottle brush.
  3. Only spray about half the volume you want to see at the end as the foam expands to about double the original size.



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