Written by Sara D'Souza

George Home unveils AW22 collections

From elevating your space with rich colours to making your environment as relaxed as it can be, these four new George Home AW22 looks have the Good Homes magazine team craving those cooler days of autumn-winter already. Here’s what you need to know…

1. Nested

The first George Home AW22 trend is Nested, which has been created to help us all curl up and relish in cosy, textured pieces. The tones in the collection feature a lot of warm browns and natural colours. A woodland feel is woven through the trend, with deer and owls popping up on bedlinen, mushroom shaped candle holders and textured pumpkin accessories.

George Home AW22 trend is nested and all about curling up and relishing the calm and home comforts

Photo: George Home

Bathroom pieces have an earthy feel to them, while tableware is rustic. The pieces are designed to ‘transform your surroundings in a way that both hits “refresh” and feels like home at the same time’, said a George Home spokesperson.

Towels from George Home's trend 'Nested'

Photo: George Home

2. Tranquil

Who doesn’t desire a tranquil and serene home? The second of the George Home AW22 trends is Tranquil, which aims to ‘to re-energise your space with everyday objects infused with soft muted palettes and textures’. The collection includes soft organic homeware and ceramics, calming bathroom pieces and frosted tableware.

A tranquil living room from George Home

Photo: George Home

The serenity mirror echoes of a pebble on the beach, the towels have celestial prints and there’s even a Buddha statue to evoke calm.

George Home AW22 has soft muted palettes that make up the tranquil trend

Photo: George Home

3. Extraordinary

Billed as a spiritual and romantic collection, Extraordinary is the third trend from the George Home AW22 collection and features much darker tones than the other trends. ‘The range is a collective of rich colours and materials that promote a modernised medieval aesthetic, with ornate statement pieces.’

George Home AW22 bills this as a modernised medieval aesthetic

Photo: George Home

Think ‘sculptural ceramics, gold metal and curious animals (zebra rugs, butterfly towels and bee cushions) add depth and interest to any room’. Additionally, the collection includes bold bathroom pieces, exotic textiles and marble tableware.

George Home AW22 has bold pieces and exotic textiles are part of the autumn winter trend

Photo: George Home

4. Welcoming

The fourth George Home AW22 trend is Welcoming, which has all the cosy feels and a fun vibe. Clashing bold floral prints mixed with colourful geometric bedlinen strewn with cushions emblazoned with the word love, look inviting and make you want to dive in.

Autumn winter trends are about being surrounded by all of your very best things

Photo: George Home

Toadstool cushions and cheeky, derrière-shaped ceramics up the playful vibe, while the tableware is smooth and rounded with natural colours, perfect for relaxed impromptu dinner parties.

The autumn winter trends from George Home include welcoming

Photo: George Home


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