Rachael Havenhand's colourful bedroom scheme - goodhomesmagazine.com

6 colourful room ideas to banish the winter blues

January 22, 2020

Feeling a bit grey at the moment? These vibrant decorating schemes from our favourite colourful Instagrammers are sure to brighten up your day.

Rachael Havenhand's colourful bedroom scheme - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rachael Havenhand 

The weather outside is cold and grey; our last pay day seems like it was months ago; and we’ve given up everything fun as a new year’s resolution – yes, January can be a pretty bleak time.

However, we’re taking solace at this time of year in interiors inspiration from our Instagram feed – after all, there’s some incredibly inspired homeowners out there who are creating colourful room schemes that are sure to blow out the January cobwebs.

Here’s a handful of the bright and bold decorating ideas we couldn’t help but double-tap and heart-eyes emoji.



Sofie from @threeboysandapinkbath makes some brilliantly bold choices in her home design, and her new bedroom scheme is no different. The painted ceiling is undoubtedly the star of this space, but she’s also created a really sophisticated colour palette surrounding it which strikes just the right balance.



Blogger Sophie Hannah home renovation has been a joy to follow on her home-focussed Instagram account, especially if you have a predilection for this pink and green colour combination, which runs throughout her home. This pink palm print wallpaper is definitely a favourite at Good Homes HQ.



Russell and Jordan of 2LG Studio have created a dressing room that is a real show-stopper. Not only do they combine pink, lilac and lime green in a joyful combination, half of the room is a striking cobalt blue – we’re talking both walls and carpet! It all goes to prove that this kind of space really is the perfect place to experiment with colour and design.



Michaela of House of Chester clearly loves a happy pink and yellow combination – a girl after our own heart’s. Her bedroom is a definite standout, tying in a fabulous crane print wallpaper in with her signature palette.



If we’re talking colourful homes, we can’t not mention Quirk and Rescue. ‘Ms. Pink’ and ‘Mr. Black’ mix neon colours, pattern and all kinds of bold interiors accents to create a home that will stop you scrolling in your tracks.



Rachael’s love of colour can be found throughout her creative home, but nowhere better than her gorgeous bedroom. This bold palette mixes together colours you’d probably never have ever considered pairing – it shouldn’t work, but it so does! Rachael also designs this fabulous prints, which you can find in her Etsy shop.


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