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7 things that will devalue your property

We reveal the home issues that could potentially devalue your property…

yellow bright living room

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With moving on many people’s minds after the lockdowns over the past year, many are decorating our homes and making structural changes to get the best price possible. However, new research from MyJobQuote has unveiled the seven things that are most likely to lower the price of a home.

Concentrate your efforts in the right places and avoid these decorating deterrents…

Choose professionals

While many of us will tackle home projects ourselves to keep costs down rather than bringing in professionals, some tasks will require an expert eye. Potential buyers and estate agents will quickly notice the lack of quality finish on tiling, floors and poorly fitted units so it’s best to spend money on a qualified workman in order to get the sale you desire in the long run. We would always recommend hiring professionals for plumbing, electrical and gas related tasks as these can not only devalue your property if not done properly, but become a hazard in your home.

Go over your garden

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The first thing a potential buyer will see of your home is the outside, so ensuring the front garden, paintwork and any fencing is kept to a good standard is paramount. Making sure grass is regularly mowed and add flowerbeds or plant pots to enhance your properties kerb appeal.

Tone down your colour scheme

yellow bright living room

Image: Home Sense

While your home is always a place to showcase your unique personal style, proceed with caution if you’re planning to sell it in the near future. Bright yellows and textured wallpapers can put people off, so try to adopt more neutral schemes and warming hues that appeal to the masses. Buyers are much more likely to proceed with a sale if they can imagine themselves in a home, and this is far more likely when they’re looking at a blank canvas.

Update your appliances

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If you’re going to focus your attention on one room, we’d recommend the kitchen in a heartbeat! Now, more than ever, the kitchen has become the heart of the home so ensuring it’s looking up to scratch is really important. Consider updating the tabletops, cabinets and appliances, as while this is costly, it often makes or breaks a sale.

Choose wood flooring

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Image: Havwoods

An important part of any home, potential buyers will definitely be looking closely at your floors and their flaws. Many buyers prefer hardwood flooring, due to carpets being difficult to clean,  so hallways and living rooms are usually expected to have wooden floor. The best advice is to keep everything consistent, if you opt for hardwood floor, make sure it’s the same type throughout the home.

Add in some natural light

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Bright and open spaces are always seen as more inviting and will immediately bring positivity to those looking round your home. Plenty of natural light is crucial too, and if you do have darker rooms in blue or other shades, try to inject brightness by installing curtains in these rooms.

Makeover your bathroom

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Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is another integral part of the house that potential buyers will be looking closely at. Although this can be expensive, it’s definitely worth checking over to make sure plumbing is working, any cracked tiles are repaired and discoloured limescale is cleaned. Buyers differ between wanting a bath tub or power shower, so combining the two with a bath shower fitting can please both sets, especially if you have a family home as those with children will require a bath.

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