tradesman with hammer - 5 projects you should never try DIY - inspiration -

5 home projects you should never DIY

July 10, 2020

Love a bit of DIY? Be careful on what jobs you decide to take on yourself.

tradesman with hammer - 5 projects you should never try DIY - inspiration -

Image: Pixabay

Whether it’s to save money or the genuine thrill of being able to fix a problem in your home, the ability to DIY your own home renovations or fixes is a useful skill to have.

However, there are jobs you should leave to the professionals, as MyJobQuote reveal.

1. Plumbing fixtures

Looking to extend your existing water supply to the garden or work shed? Unless you know how to re-route the flow and work with piping, altering your home plumbing can have catastrophic consequences if you’re not in the know. A professional can complete both efficiently and effectively and could cost a lot less than you thought.

2. Roof repairs

roof tiles - 5 projects you should never try DIY - inspiration -

Image: Pixabay

Working at height is a dangerous feat, so replacing the guttering or tiles should be left to a professional as there are so many factors that jeopardise your safety. After all, research recently undertakin by MyJobQuote suggests that the 64% of participants who had taken on a DIY task in the last 12 months, one in six were found to have caused injury to themselves in the process.

3. Electrical changes

Even changing a light bulb can have minor risks but working with electricity can be fatal if inexperienced. Installing a new outlet or running power into the garage should always be left to a professional. It is also worth noting that if the work has not been completed by a registered professional, you can’t get certification which means you could have trouble selling your home.

4. Loft conversions

blank loft conversion - 5 projects you should never try DIY - inspiration -

Image: Unsplash

While certain jobs in the loft can be completed as a DIY project, it’s vital that you have a professional inspect your property first as the threat of asbestos in some properties is highly hazardous. With loft spaces, there’s the risk of putting a foot in the wrong place and going through the ceiling, or accidentally damaging a pipe or two!

5. Structural work

If you want to open the space in your home, never knock down walls or tamper with the structure without seeking expert advice first. There are so many factors to consider, like hiring a structural engineer, and having the right tools and equipment. Even if you plan on knocking a hole in the wall, hire a professional first – it’s not worth the risk of sacrificing the integrity of your home.


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