3 wallpaper trends we love for 2024

Wallpaper is going to be huge in 2024. It’s perfect for stamping your style on a new home. Or you might be wanting to redecorate your cloakroom or hallway with a more striking look. Or you could be looking to liven up your living room or lounge with a feature wall. Whichever decorating task you’re planning, a gorgeous wallpaper will add flair to your home.

There’s such a massive choice of wallpaper available, so it can be hard to choose. Here are three wallpaper trends that have caught our eye so far this year.

Tropical Chic Décor

We might be in the middle of winter, but according to wallpaper design house Ohpopsi, we’ll soon be reaching for the pina coladas and sunscreen. That’s thanks to the emerging Tropical Chic Décor trend for wallpaper.

Using data from Pinterest, Ohpopsi found searches for ‘Tropical Chic Décor’ have soared by 110%. Expect interior schemes full of palm leaves, warm colours and greenery.

“This new trend builds on the momentum gained by maximalism and biophilia, combining the best elements of both to bathe our homes in a warming, tropical glow,” says Zoe Eaton, Creative Director of Ohpopsi.

“Over the last few years, our homes have become our sanctuaries, our safe place from the outside world, and this trend elevates that feeling by channelling the escapism a tropical holiday brings.”

The Ohpopsi Urban Tropic wallpaper (£79 per roll), shown here in Tropical Bright, mixes tropical foliage, birds of paradise and glimpses of architectural structures and monochromatic elements. This pattern will bring an urban jungle feel into your home, juxtaposing worlds in a show-stopping contemporary paper.

Ohpopsi-Urban Tropic wallpaper
Image Credit: Ohpopsi

Textured Palm (£199 per mural) is another bold and contemporary wallpaper from the design house. The large scale and multi-directional design sets layered tropical foliage against a contrasting sky, while filtered shards of light bring movement to the leaves.

For another touch of the tropics, Glasshouse (£79 per roll) layers hand-painted tropical plants with glimpses of glasshouse architecture peeking through the gaps. This wallpaper is inspired by Glasgow’s botanical gardens, and brings together the indoors and outdoors.

The geometric grid of the glasshouse windows contrast with the organic tropical leaves, resulting in lively blend of shape and form.

Sea shells

Another wallpaper trend we love for 2024 is coastal. Abigail Edwards has added a Shells Wallpaper to their collection of wallpapers, fabrics, tiles and rugs. 

With its hand-drawn seashells simply sketched by Abigail, this wallpaper invites you to rediscover the joy of listening to the whisper of waves while collecting shells on the beach. In subtle hues of peach, oyster and sandy neutrals, the colour palette evokes the tranquil coastal colours.

Abigail Edwards-Shells Wallpaper Watercolour
Image Credit: Abigail Edwards

Close up, the paper features intricate patterns of scallop shells and cockles mixed with spirals of nautiluses, while from afar the wallpaper appears to be composed of playful stripes as the shells float in their mollusc groups.

Shells Wallpaper is available in four colourways: Scallop, Cockle, Ocean are all £118 a roll. Watercolour, which is printed from the original watercolour pencil sketch, is £198 a roll. Rolls are 10m long and 52cm wide.

Dark and sultry

Fiona Howard Wallpapers is championing the dark and sultry trend for 2024. The design house has a range of sumptuous wallpapers that will bring drama to your home with their warm dark tones of charcoal, blackcurrant and peat. 

With spots of contrast colour, these wallpapers will bring a bold and chic look to any room.

Fiona Howard Wallpapers-WISTERIA wallpaper in Charcoal
Image Credit: Fiona Howard Wallpapers

The Wisteria paper in Charcoal has delicate white flowers hanging from soft mouse grey leaves, which trail across a deep charcoal background. This  monotone decorating solution would be ideal for a stunning hallway or a sophisticated downstairs cloakroom. Priced at £114.00 per roll.