Stair carpet trends 2024 that raise the style stakes

Carpet can have a reputation for being old-fashioned. But if there’s one place that view is turned on its head, it’s the stairs. A stunning runner or wall-to-wall carpet can take a staircase from drab to fab in an instant, while providing important extra grip for anyone travelling up or down it. These latest stair carpet trends will also give you an early opportunity to show off your personal style to visitors.

“Often the first thing you see when you enter a home is your stairs and hallway,” points out Punam Chada, carpet and rug buyer at Carpetright. “It’s where first impressions are made and the tone is often set for your home.”

So what stair carpet trends can we expect to see emerge this year? “While everybody’s taste is different, bolder choices with brighter colours, contrasting palettes and playful patterns are just a few trends likely to run into 2024,” says Punam.

Ready to step up your hallway’s style credentials? Look no further than these ideas.

1. Stripes

“There’s been a rising interest in striped and textured carpets in recent months,” says Alexandra Ellis, Marketing Manager at Cormar Carpets. “Using striped carpet is a great way to add depth and interest to your home, whether you’re looking to create a visually striking effect or want to opt for something a bit more subtle.” 

Striped stair carpet with white painted stairs and mustard edging
Sorrento striped carpet by Tapi Carpets and Floors

“Striped carpets are a popular option for stairs for a variety of reasons,” explains Johanna Constantinou, trends expert at Tapi, who points out that they are a good way to visually widen a narrow staircase. “They give the illusion of elongating the space, making them perfect for those looking to enhance the perceived dimension of their hallway.

“They also have a practical advantage as they camouflage wear and tear more effectively than solid colours. The alternating patterns help to mask stains, foot traffic, and other signs of use. Additionally, striped designs also allow you to play with different colour combinations so you can coordinate the overall colour scheme of your home.”

2. Biophilic greens

The idea of green carpet might raise a few eyebrows, but Roger Oates has seen a surge in interest in this on-trend shade with good reason. Restful and regal in equal measure, it’s a smart choice for stairs, and provides a pop of colour that’s easy on the eye.

Green stair runner in hallway with Crittall-style room divider
Swanson stair runner in Juniper by Roger Oates

“The resurgence of greens in interiors seems to have arisen from the important nurturing role nature plays in supporting our psychological needs,” says Andy Guard, creative director at Roger Oates Design. “We are very much aware of the positive effects of biophilic design, which incorporates as many natural materials and elements as possible. Green hues, ranging from muted olive tones to lush botanical shades, will be a popular choice, aligning with the growing trend of biophilic design.”

3. Contrasting carpets

The matchy matchy look appears to be out for carpets in 2024. Instead, the stairs are allowed to make their own statement against the floor of the hallway and landing.

Hallway with grey carpet and ochre stair runner
Hamlet Heathers twist carpet in Grey Stone, £41.99 per sq m, Carpetright

“We’re seeing many opt for carpeted stairs that contrast their hallway’s flooring,” says Punam Chada. “Particularly suited to monochromatic colour schemes, this trend provides plenty of personality and introduces a relaxed charm to your stairwell and creates an impactful hallway.”

Spotty carpet in hallway and up steps
Condo Wilton carpet in Mineral Polka Dot and Teal Polka Dot, £39.99 per sq m, Carpetright

If you feel a little nervous of picking different carpets for adjoining spaces, you could try another emerging trend – laying the same carpet design in contrasting colourways. In this hallway, Carpetright’s Condo Wilton carpet has been used in reverse tones. And as stair carpets can take quite a beating when it comes to footfall, it’s practical to use the darker colourway on the steps.

4. Patterns with personality

Given the ‘more is more’ approach has been increasingly embraced by homeowners in recent years, it was only a matter of time before carpet became involved.

“Vibrant, loud, and intricate patterns, such as geometric, floral, tartan and animal print
designs are becoming popular for adding visual interest to staircases,” says Johanna Constantinou, who has seen demand rise for some bold looks – including Tapi’s Safari design, £79.99 per sq m.

Greek key monochrome carpet in entrance hall and up stairs
Columbus Slate Greek Key carpet, £49.99 per sq m, Carpetright

You’ll need to be especially confident in your carpet choice if you’re going bold. “Start by assessing the existing colour palette, style and theme of the home,” Johanna advises. “Then select patterns that match the theme, such as opting for geometric patterns in modern settings, or going for floral and traditional patterns in keeping with a classic or vintage aesthetic.”

5. Bold thinking

Another carpet trend observed at stair specialists Roger Oates is our increasing willingness to embrace bold colour and pattern in combination. This Fitzroy Bright design ticks off three other trends on our list – stripes, herringbone and warmer tones – in a runner that totally transforms an otherwise monochrome hallway.

Bright pink and orange striped stair runner
Fitzroy Bright stair runner by Roger Oates

“As a transient space, the hall is a great place to be experimental with colour. As well as adding a touch of personality, a statement stair runner will carry colour and pattern throughout the heart of the house,” says Andy Guard, who points out that customers seem to be increasingly confident in their choices. “Some of our most popular designs are our most vibrant bright colours and striking patterns,” he reveals.

6. Runners over painted wood

Many a lockdown home makeover involved lifting up old carpet, and sanding and painting the stairs – this writer’s included. But after a while, you may have found your stairwell to be cold, echoey and slippery underfoot. If that’s the case, a stair runner could be the perfect solution.

Beige stair carpet runner with black edging and white painted staircase
Pimlico carpet in Madeira, from £30 per sq m, Cormar Carpets

“Painted stairs often add character to a hallway and landing, but noise and warmth can be an issue, particularly in a high-traffic household” says Punam Chada. “A stair runner not only provides extra comfort and less noise but can also provide contrast and help accent a beautiful staircase.”

Cormar’s Alexandra Ellis notes that hallways, landings and stairs are some of the most used areas of our homes, with the highest volume of daily traffic.

“Therefore they require something a little more hardwearing when it comes to flooring,” Alexandra says . “A big trend for 2024 is wool stair runners as they’re chic and stylish with a natural, in-built resilience in the fibres, making them perfect for these high traffic areas.”

Cormar’s Pimlico range would be a great choice for stairways as it’s suitable for extra heavy domestic use and comes with a 10-year wear warranty. A dark coloured border to turn your stairs into an exciting and eye-catching centrepiece.”

7. Sustainable carpeting

“In today’s climate of increasing environmental awareness, responsible designers are considering the
ecological impact of products alongside style and design,” explains Andy Guard. “Recognising that there is a growing consciousness from consumers surrounding traceability and sustainability, Roger Oates has launched the first collection in 100% British Traceable Wool. Exclusively sourced through The Woolkeepers, the wool can be traced back to the farms where the sheep are raised.”

Rolls of carpet under trees in field
Roger Oates’ New Classics collection is woven from 100% British Traceable Wool

Wool is an especially good option for stairs as its natural fibres are resilient, insulating and flexible, so is malleable to the contours of the treads and steps.

“Wool, reclaimed plastics and recycled polyester are great eco-friendlier options for carpets,” agrees Johanna Constantinou. “Also, Tapi has an eco-friendly carpet and underlay collection, TreadKindly, created from 100% recycled materials, derived from reclaimed plastic. These are perfect for every room in your house including stairs, making them not only environmentally conscious but also sustainable.”

8. Herringbone

Quiet luxury has been the home trend on everyone’s lips in 2023, so no surprise it’s widened its influence to stair carpet in 2024. The movement is all about classic design that feels smart and sophisticated. And what better pattern to achieve this than herringbone?

Cream herringbone carpet on winding black painted staircase
Mix and Match Carpet Collection in Desert Chevron, Tapi Carpets and Floors. Image courtesy of @ealingdesign

“The herringbone design is a captivating choice for carpets on stairs, adding a touch of
timeless elegance to interior spaces,” says Johanna Constantinou. “This classic pattern has a distinctive zig-zag-shaped weaving that gives a sense of structure and beauty to staircases. Whether in neutral tones for a subtle look or bolder colours to make a statement, herringbone carpets add appeal and complement various interior styles.”

9. Warmer tones

Due to its practical purpose, it can be tricky to make a simple staircase feel homely. The colour of the woodwork can help, but your options are limited – particularly if your stairwell is dark and introducing saturated colour on the walls would make it even darker. But thankfully, carpet colour trends are here to help us out.

Taupe stair carpet runner with rose stripes and charcoal painted stairs
Moroccan Runner in Rose Water, from £68 per sq m, Kersaint Cobb

Tapi’s Johanna Constantinou says we can expect to see the popularity of cooler greys and blues diminish in 2024. “Instead, we’ll see an influx of rich browns, deep oranges and muted reds,” she says. “Think the likes of vibrant mustard or light tones such as Peach Fuzz – which is also the Colour of the Year 2024 – that infuse a warming embrace.

“Layering warm-coloured carpet runners is an easy way to introduce warmth without making a permanent change to the stairs themselves. Choose carpets in earthy tones like rust, mustard or deep red to add character and warmth to your stairway.”