boys bedroom with brick wall grey carpet and blue grey bedding

Before and After: interiors blogger, Kerry Lockwood’s rustic meets industrial bedroom makeover

June 26, 2018

Interiors blogger, Kerry Lockwood gave her son’s bedroom a grown up, modern update using rustic furniture and steel shades for an industrial feel. We got the lowdown on the millennial makeover.

boys bedroom with brick wall grey carpet and blue grey bedding

Image: Kerry Lockwood

Along with nine other interiors bloggers, Kerry Lockwood from Kerry Lockwood in Detail, took part in the Instagram styling challenge Revamp Restyle Reveal, where she transformed her teenage son’s bedroom in four weeks.  

We caught up with Kerry to find out how she gave her son’s bedroom a modern, grown-up makeover as he transitions from child to teen.

Talk us through the concept featured in your revamped room?

‘The concept I’ve gone for is industrial rustic. I’ve revamped my son’s bedroom. He’s 12 and at an age where he is spending more time in his bedroom now. He feels that the dark grey walls are too dark, so I’m painting them lighter using Earthborn paint.’

Talk us through the before and after.

‘The walls were painted charcoal grey and Alfie had 2 single beds. There was blue carpet tiles on the floor and blue velux blinds. The room didn’t really have a theme and everything felt very thrown together.

Since revamping the room it now has an industrial style loft theme. I have replaced the blue carpet and blinds and used a mix of new and reclaimed furniture. It is now a space that will grow with Alfie throughout his teenage years.’

What design elements have inspired it?

‘With it being a loft room, I wanted to make a feature out of the wooden beams and there’s also one huge steel beam that goes across the width of the room, which was painted red.

I decided to paint this a steel colour and then keep the industrial feel. I used red brick effect wallpaper for a feature wall and reclaimed wood.’

What, if anything, did you make yourself?

wooden tv unit with tv on industrial rustic bedroom

Image: Kerry Lockwood

‘I couldn’t find a TV cabinet that I liked for in this room, so I made a TV bench/console out of a scaffold board and attached 4 hairpin legs. I also used 2 apple crates for bedside tables and attached castors to the bottom.’

What do you think is important to consider when decorating a room like this room?

study area in bedroom with wooden desk and red chair

Image: Kerry Lockwood

‘Children have very different ideas so they can often be the hardest to please. It’s important that they are happy but I also wanted to make sure that the room design isn’t something that he won’t grow out of quickly.

I think it’s important to add their personality to the room and a great way to do this is through art and prints. I chose football/scooter themes as they are his main two hobbies.’

What key interiors pieces do you think make the room and where are they from?

‘Alfie was ready to transition from a single bed to a double, so we chose one from Maisons Du Monde which he absolutely loves. The sofa bed, which is from Maisons du Monde too, is perfect for watching TV and it’s great for when he has friends to sleep over.

The pops of yellow from the bedside lamp (David Hunt lighting) and the denim coloured cushions and throw from Christy, are all perfect for adding pops of colour and breaking up the grey walls and carpet.’

What do you think makes a house a home?

‘I rent my current house but it is still important to me to make it a home that I love. As soon as I put my key in the door I know it’s a place that makes me happy and somewhere that I can relax in. To make a house a home I think it’s important to fill it with things you love and make it unique to you. Painting is one of the most transformative things that you can do to a room. Also add lots of texture with rugs and cushions.

I love coming home and lighting my favourite scented candles too. If you rent like me, then invest in statement pieces of furniture that you love. These will become a great focal point in any room and tear the eye away from any areas that you dislike. You will also treasure them forever and can easily take them with you when you move.’

What are the main advantages of redecorating a period property over a new build?

‘Period properties already have lots of character and original features to work with and often have larger scale rooms and windows allowing more light.

New build houses often require an extra boost of creativity to bring the room to life, as it can feel very boxy and plain.’

What’s your biggest trend prediction for 2018?

‘I think we’ll see a lot more use of natural materials around the home like marble, concrete, wood and a mixture of metals.’

Can you share some of your top decorating tips with us?

‘I think painting a room is the most transformative thing you can do. Then add layers using different textures and try to avoid having any large open spaces.

Look for statement pieces of furniture that will have a great impact on a room and you will love forever. Also, correct lighting in a room is really important. Lots of small pools of light rather than one big light in the centre of a room will give a much more cosy feel.’

What tips would you give to budding interior designers about getting into the industry?

‘Start off by revamping your own home then by helping friends and family. Take lots of before and after photo’s to build up a portfolio. I haven’t got any formal qualifications but I think it is more important to have an eye for design as this cannot be taught.

I am constantly learning. I read up on things, read books, blogs, magazines, watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts and basically any spare time I have I use it to improve my knowledge.’

Why is Revamp Restyle Reveal such a great campaign to get involved in?

‘We’re all one big team and everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s great working with new brands and great to be able to support them and promote them to my followers who may not have come across them before.

I also love the challenge of having to complete it within 4 weeks. When it’s your own home it is easy to put jobs off and let the project drag on, but with Revamp Restyle Reveal you can’t do that.’


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