2022’s most popular garden trends on Pinterest

April 13, 2022

New research by garden furniture retailer Moda Furnishings has revealed 10 of the most popular garden trends for 2022. The study examined the types of garden inspiration people have been pinning on social media site Pinterest, by calculating the number of pins for a number of key terms.

The 10 most popular garden trends totalled some 7 million pins, with the top spot chalking up almost 1.5 million. So what is the most pinned garden trend on Pinterest? The answer is revealed below…

colourful garden ideas

Photo: Moccabunny / Adobe Stock

1. Colourful garden

The most popular pin, showing the inspiration people are seeking for their outdoor space in 2022, is ‘colourful garden’, with 1,435,672 pins. This high-wattage garden trend mirrors the growth in the desire for more colourful interiors in 2022, which has been attributed to people seeking more excitement in their lives following two years of Covid restrictions.

2. Natural garden

Coming in a very close second is ‘natural garden’ with 1.3 million pins, which together with nearly 700,000 searches for ‘sustainable garden’, suggests that people are taking a more conscious approach to keeping their outdoor spaces as nature intended – a reaction to the threat of climate change, perhaps? Although surprisingly, ‘wild garden’, a low-maintenance garden trend that has been popular over recent years, is only seventh in the rankings.

3. Entertaining garden

With Covid keeping many of us confined to our homes and gardens for far too long, the desire to spruce up our outdoor entertaining spaces is stronger than ever, so it’s no surprise that ‘entertaining garden’ came in at number three. With over one million pins on Pinterest, it’s clear that many homeowners are keen to create a garden that will wow guests, with comfortable outdoor furniture, garden zones and maybe even a pizza oven

Karen Walker garden makeover

Good Homes editor Karen Walker recently had her garden zoned to create spaces for dining and socialising. Photo: Lizzie Orme

4. Modern garden

Modern gardens have been a popular choice since we started blending indoor and outdoor spaces, with kitchens flowing seamlessly onto patios, terraces and decking via sleek bi-fold doors. The sophisticated garden look, which often features manicured lawns, neat decked spaces, clean lines and carefully coiffured shrubs in planters, has been pinned on Pinterest more than 900,000 times, coming in at fourth place. If you’re going for this kind of look, why not embrace tech in your garden by investing in a dining table with built-in firepit, like that shown below?

garden trends 2022: outdoor dining table with firepit and u-shaped sofa

Furniture sets with clean lines – and even a dining table with built-in firepit – are perfect for the modern garden. Photo: Moda Furnishings

5. Sustainable garden

As climate change continues to hit the headlines and many people try to lower their impact by embracing eco-friendly practices and products, it’s no surprise that searches for ‘sustainable garden’ ideas are climbing on Pinterest. The trend comes in in fifth place for 2022 garden trends, with almost 700,000 pins on Pinterest. Innovative products like Composite Prime decking, made from recycled plastic (shown below) are an easy way to lower our impact.

garden trends 2022: sustainable decking from Compostable Prime is created from recycled plastic

Composite Prime decking is created from recycled plastic

The top 10 2022 garden trends according to Pinterest

The full top 10 garden trends according to Pinterest pins are listed below. If you’re seeking homes and garden inspiration on Pinterest, follow Good Homes @goodhomes

  1. Colourful garden – 1,435,672 pins
  2. Natural garden – 1,340,090 pins
  3. Entertaining garden – 1,034,231 pins
  4. Modern garden – 903,350 pins
  5. Sustainable garden – 672,280 pins
  6. Cottage garden – 567,210 pins
  7. Wild garden – 448,540 pins
  8. White garden – 256,788 pins
  9. Balcony garden – 132,475 pins
  10. Foliage garden – 101,435 pins


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