Best coffee table books: 5 you need to know for 2021

January 15, 2021

Our picks of the coffee table books coming out this year that will take your home and garden knowledge, and your living room, to the next level.

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Coffee table reads

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We love coffee table reads, they’re the perfect combination of picking up new tips for your home and garden whilst also elevating your coffee table with some beautiful books. As 2021 has kicked off the way it has with a lot of us in lockdown, our homeware and book lists are teeming with impending new releases; here are just a few that have taken our fancy so far…

Tap To Tidy

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This year the wonderful Instagram mummy and loose women co-host Stacey Solomon is releasing her much-anticipated Tap To Tidy, named after her satisfying Instagram stories of clearing up after cooking, tidying her children’s rooms, and crafting. As such, the book will cover tidying, organising the home, snack recipes and crafting, as well as including Stacey’s favourite playlists to craft to with a QR code to scan and play. It’s available to preorder at all major retailers and goes on general sale 4th March, we can’t wait!

Preorder your copy of Tap To Tidy here

My Houseplant Changed My Life

My Houseplant Changed my Life by David Domoney

Image: DK

Wellbeing has yet again become a buzzword over the last year, as we all seek to find ways to take care of ourselves and our mental health during the pandemic whilst spending a lot of time indoors. Enter TV presenter and gardener, David Domoney and his new coffee table read, My House Plant Changed My Life. Inside he shares the science behind the positive effect the humble houseplant has on wellness and how best to harness that power. He also shares information and growing tips for his top 50 life-enhancing houseplants that not only benefit our wellbeing, but also have the greatest air-purifying potency. You can preorder this online now from all major retailers, and it goes on general sale 4th February.

Preorder it here

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Mad About The House Planner: Your Home, Your Story

Mad About The House Planner

Image: Pavilion Books

Kate Watson-Smyth is back with this mix of journal, diary and little black book for everything you need to know about renovating your home. As more of us are now spending more time in our homes, it’s more important than ever that they remain adaptable and welcoming. Packed with Kate’s interior knowledge and enthusiasm, this journal will offer you advice on everything from sustainability to saving money, even including an accounts page for you to keep track of what you’re spending. This goes on general sale 4th March.

Preorder the Mad About the House Planner now.

Resourceful Living

Resourceful Living

Image: Kyle Books

The key to revamping your home without the hefty price tag, we’re so excited for interiors blogger Lisa Dawson’s new book Resourceful Living. With guides on how to multi-purpose your furniture and use what you already have in new ways, simple solutions to help you re-imagine each room, and the key vintage buys you need, it’s an essential manual for any home owner in 2021. This doesn’t go on sale until 15th April, but we can assure you it’s worth the wait!

Preorder your copy here

Wild Creations

Wild Creations

Image: Ryland Peters Small

Our love of houseplants is sure to explode after reading this new book from plant and interior stylist Hilton Carter. With step-by-step detail on how to create amazing plant fixtures in your own home, as well as plenty of advice for taking care of your plants and answering a selection of frequently asked questions. It’s available to purchase from 6th April.

Preorder your copy of Wild Creations now.

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